Dream Big. Be Unrealistic.

Cheers! Welcome to my first blog post for pastryinparis!



The title of this post says it all. “Dream Big. Be unrealistic” David Beckham just got this tattooed on his hand. If I was ever going to get a tattoo I might follow his lead. I adore this quote because I feel that it is at the core of my being. I am such a dreamer and my mind always has a new idea. My imagination soars with what is possible. A great mentor of mine once told me “Krista don’t focus so much on what you want to DO rather decide who you want to BE.” This has stuck with me ever since. What she meant by this was that no matter what my current job position, marital status, or city I live is…what should always be the focus is how I am showing up in the world. In thinking this way I have obtained dreams that I never thought possible.My answer to her was… I want to BE a passionate, elegant, beautiful woman no matter what circumstance I have before me. I want to be sophisticated, inspired & driven despite whatever obstacle I may face. I want to be a woman who enjoys food to the fullest AND is thin and fashionable. By the way all of these elements ooze out of the french women I have studied for years. They have it down to a science. Instead of DOING maybe the focus should concentrate on BEING. What I have come to discover is once you focus on who you want to be you raise the expectation you have from the universe. Your external circumstances start to shift and you start acquiring your dreams. So to all the dreamers out there keep on dreaming. The woman I want to BE dreams big and is very unrealistic. Cheers to dreams coming true xo



6 thoughts on “Dream Big. Be Unrealistic.

  1. Your passion for what you love is so inspiring and sooo compelling!


  2. Krista mon amie, tu es formidable! Made us dream during your next trip to Paris.


  3. I will look forward to u sharing your experiences and your food recipes! Love u Krista!


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