Le marche

I could easily spend two hours at the outdoor markets in Paris. In every arrondissement, there is usually a market set up at least twice weekly if not every other day! The farmers, cheese purveyors, butchers and bakers show up with the freshest most beautiful products. The French are known to shop for what they need on a daily basis. Freshness and quality are priority when it comes to food. Yesterday, I stopped by to pick up some items for the soirée Monica and I are hosting at our flat this evening! It was hard to pick when surrounded by such beauty however we managed not to spend all of our Euros 🙂


Beautiful purple hydrangeas to adorn our flat. The sweet flower woman even gave us two single roses to take with us that we didn’t pay for. I don’t care what anyone says, the french people have been nothing but nice, warm and friendly to me. Bonjour when greeting them and a smile goes along way!


We also left with three beautiful cheeses…. A chèvre, Camembert and a gruyere to serve to our party guests. Fromage is a big deal in France. The line was very long to buy cheese and you bet everyone waited! To go with our cheeses we purchased the most beautiful figs and champagne grapes.


Last on the menu will be the wine. A nice Bordeaux and a Rose! All in all the market was pure entertainment and a great look inside this culture that is so purposeful about food! We watched as the passionate French people selected with great care the exact piece of fruit they wanted, precisely how much Brie and where from the wheel they wanted it cut, and the approximate place on the neck they wanted the chicken head cut off.

Enjoying my warm chèvre salad with a glass of Poulliy Fume as I write this post. Au revoir!



3 thoughts on “Le marche

  1. Merci! merci Krista for all these descriptions … I have the feeling to be there with you. You look amazing – love your outfit!!!!


  2. Krista I feel like I’m living your journey with you.im loving everything I see.i too have been wanting to see paris for sure.enjoy enjoy enjoy


  3. love the market photos! and your warm chevre salad looks amazing! I hope you figured out the recipe! I’m so happy you are having such a fabulous time!
    love and hugs!


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