A night to remember… Paris


Tonight I hosted the most fabulous party… In Paris! As said in my previous post I had picked up cheeses, baguette, chocolate and flowers from the market to entertain my friends from the states in my Parisian flat … It went so smoothly. Candles lit, wine opened, cheese board out, music selected to be followed by a fantastic dinner out in the city…. Fabulous conversation and fun!



After our lovely pre dinner party we set out to a restaurant in Paris called “La Society” a very chic, modern and trendy restaurant with a club feel, great music, and delicious food! The waitresses look like they belong in the fashion pages of Vogue and the food is melt in your mouth, conversation material. Champagne and 3 bottles of wine later and we had closed the restaurant!



It is now 3 am in Paris as I write this but I am still in total bliss thinking about this evening and my life in this present moment in Paris. I am pretending this is my permanent residence… Pinching myself 🙂



Dinner included Dover sole, Sea bass in sweet chili sauce, vegetables with curry, Tiger prawns, strawberry Pavlova, salted caramel eclair and chocolates. Wine of choice tonight was a Chateau- neuf- de- pape…. Shortbread cookies form Polaine bakery!



A walk by the seine river tomorrow is on the agenda as well as shopping and napping…. Oh the life!

5 thoughts on “A night to remember… Paris

  1. This flat looks so cosy! What a night, right?! You might have the baker opening in a few … Just in time for the croissant 😉
    You should try the bar à vin named “frenchie” rue du nil … Lively place. Also, i have a student from Austin (single! Your age … ) working in the Marais, you are sharing the same passion: food & france – his name? … Text me! He arrived few weeks ago.


  2. O krista,i love it,what a beautiful experience sweetie,it all looks amazing.there is so much to see in this world we live in.happy eating

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  3. Thanks Krista…for sharing with us the delicious French experience. I feel like I am right there with you. You are an inspiration to all us for living the dream.



  4. Krista, your flat looks amazing! It’s beautiful with such a beautiful balcony. You are looking very “French” yourself! Hugs and love!


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