The beauty … Paris Day 4


Started the day by sleeping in and going to brunch…. Cafe et poached eggs…

Then headed out for a long walk taking in all of the beautiful sights…Paris really is just so beautiful… Every angle of this city is charming


Stopped for an expresso to people watch…

And then I had a professional photo shoot in Paris… It is so fun to feel like a princess for the day and of all places in Paris… There are no words to describe this experience… Most pictures are not appropriate for this site as it was a lingerie theme  🙂 I had my pictures taken in a beautiful penthouse suite in Paris with all of the windows open so there were definitely some people staring into the suite watching my shoot 🙂



Off to meet the ladies for an afternoon glass of champagne and beautiful conversation…Xo



4 thoughts on “The beauty … Paris Day 4

  1. Krista, I love your blog!!! Love the pictures and all of your descriptions!!! It let’s me feel like I’m traveling with you! Love and best wishes on your adventure! By, the way, you are looking very French! Love, Aunt Jenny


  2. Beautiful krista how beautiful you and paris are. I love love love what your doing and where you are sweetie.enjoy and embrace each moment


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