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Getting Lost…


I think I have mentioned my intention of simply getting lost in Paris. By this I mean having several hours by myself with no plans, no sites in mind to see, and honestly having no map or no clue where I am. It is important to be comfortable being alone in the unfamiliar and also following your curiosity. Today was that day. After my lingerie shoot, I left that pent house suite with no one knowing where I was or what I was doing. I made sure I had no one to be accountable to and my plan was to just be with Paris! I had the most fabulous, real and raw day with my own thoughts and savoring the present moment. Savoring
“just being.”

I left my fabulous lingerie on, put on a black trench coat, ballet flats and huge sunglasses and I started my journey though the city. I had no map and my phone was dead. I wandered the streets of Paris for hours. I followed what peaked my interest and turned down streets following my curiosity. I stumbled among small parks, residential areas I would have never been aware of, and beautiful parts of the seine river that are not overly populated.

I must have stopped at three different cafés… One for my morning croissant, one for lunch and one for my afternoon glass of champagne…I spent roughly an hour at each cafe staring into the distance watching Parisian life pass by before me… People going about their day to day and just sitting there being fascinated with this culture.

At one point I saw a fight break out. A man driving almost hit a man walking, then the man nearly almost punched the window out, the next thing you know fists were flying on the street. They were yelling and chasing each other. Usually this would have disturbed me (two people beating each other up) but it was actually quite comical. The french are just such a passionate culture.


I was then approached by French speaking people twice asking me a question. To be mistaken for a Parisienne must mean I am doing something right 🙂

After today I could not believe how much I had communicated in French be it as broken as it was. I had gone about my day like I was not in a foreign country. Tomorrow I do have exciting plans but I cannot wait to get lost in Paris again!


One thought on “Getting Lost…

  1. You need to write a book ad your travels , thought, and writing are remarkable. Good job krista,enjoy,enjoy,enjoy.

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