Dinner at Les Georges


If any of you have seen the movie “100 Foot Journey” there is a restaurant in Paris featured in that movie which is where the ladies and I celebrated last night! It was truly an amazing experience! We had the BEST time! The restaurant is like nothing you have ever seen…. Long glass windows overlooking the entire city with modern interior. We ate a fabulous four course meal and then danced the night away as the Eiffle Tower sparkled in the background! I stopped for a minute and simply just took in the moment. I realized how truly blessed I was to be overlooking Paris and dancing with my amazing friends.


There was a DJ playing all of our favorite songs and at one point we had the entire dance floor to ourselves as everyone is celebrate! We ended up grabbing cabs around 3 am ….



The food was amazing! What is better than celebration, beautiful surroundings, dancing, wonderful food, music, and the most spectacular views of Paris?! Oh and our party favors were scarves from Hermes!




2 thoughts on “Dinner at Les Georges

  1. Krista, looks like so much fun! And I loved that you were at the restaurant from the “100 Foot Journey!” Loved that movie!
    Aunt Jenny


  2. Love,love it krista,where’s the romantic guy’?

    Sent from my iPad



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