Pleasures of Paris

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               “If we are ever to enjoy life, now is the time, not tomorrow or next year…Today should always be our most wonderful day.”

~ Thomas Dreier

In France there is a phrase “Joie De Vivre” meaning the joy of living or the enjoyment of life. While in Paris I experienced so many simple pleasures.These pleasures bring enjoyment to everyday living. I want to remember what I cherished each day about Paris and try to incorporate the simple pleasures into my everyday life back home.

Here it is to sum it up!

Taking time in the morning…enjoying my breakfast before the busyness of the day begins. I did this everyday in Paris over coffee and croissants…No, I will not be eating croissants everyday but I still love the idea of slowing down, even in the morning.

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Tending to my Sanctuary~ I adored my flat and especially my bedroom in Paris. It felt like romance everyday. It felt like luxury and importance.This was a lesson on tending to the details of my home and making my living spaces feel peaceful and romantic…

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Keeping fresh flowers in your home! Makes me happy…

Lovely Meals~ The presentation of food in France was remarkable. The french tend to the small details. Even in a small casual bistro the food is presented so beautifully.

photo 4photo 3

Dinner at Joel Rubuchon’s restaurant…

imagephoto 2

Fashion, beautiful clothes, and feeling stunning…dressing up for no reason. In France the women treat the streets as a runway…I really appreciated the attention to detail that was put into dressing in Paris…

photo 3

Hot Chocolate at Angelina’s ~ You only live once, enjoy decadence. Enjoy your food- it is not just to nourish your body it is pleasurable as well! Angelina’s is a lovely restaurant on the Rue De Rivoli. This hot chocolate was pure decadence I will not forget the sensual pleasure of sipping this…

photo 4photo 5

Relationships that create laughter~ Monica thank you for the belly laughs everyday… I truly cherish being around people that represent a good time. Life is too short to take yourself so seriously.

photo 5photo 3

Patisseries and the elegant desserts. Again, attention to detail and beauty. I got pleasure by just looking at them. Below is deconstructed lemon tart we shared at a stunning restaurant- Brasserie Thoumieux by Jean-Francois-Piege.

photo 2photo 3

Beauty Everywhere- Stopping to appreciate the architecture or a charming street…It was clearly easy to do this in Paris, however there are so many beautiful cities and just taking time to stop and notice.

photo 2photo 4

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 Bread~ I seriously cannot get over how much bread I ate in France. I loved it and it really is served with every meal. Everything in moderation but I am in LOVE with Polaine Bakery in Paris. It was a short walk from my flat in the St. Germain and in typical french fashion I purchased bread fresh…it was almost hot out of the oven. I appreciate the art of bread making…it is an art and in France there are awards for it! Really, I witnessed this- Every morning the french have their “tartine” This is simply fresh baguette spread with salted butter and jam. They dip this in their coffee with whole milk. This routine ritual is an example of why I love the french. They are individualists who don’t follow trends~ especially low-carb.

photo 5photo 2

Celebration all the time! 

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There is just a feeling in Paris that everything is worth celebrating. It creates an essence of happiness and enjoying everything. It was contagious…I want to take this essence with me….I want to be aware of this everyday!

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I am leaving Paris now…the time has come! I am leaving a small piece of my heart here…I know that I will be back. I feel alive in Paris. I hope you have enjoyed all of my posts on this beautiful city. Clearly I am in love! Back to Los Angeles I go….

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8 thoughts on “Pleasures of Paris

  1. We are so happy you had such a wonderful trip and that you are home safely! Sounds and looks amazing. xo Mom and Dad


  2. So happy for this experience krista,and I know Europeans enjoy every day so much more than Americans for sure,life is to enjoy sweetie.

    Sent from my iPad



  3. You are now a woman of the world and on your way to becoming a great writer! Thanks for sharing that beauty and simple pleasures surround us….and to live in the moment. Truly inspiring. I am saving up for a vacation in France!


  4. Krista, I loved following your time in France. What a fabulous trip! So happy that you had such a wonderful time! Looking forward to your next visit to Paris! Hugs and love!


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