October Favorites: Part 1

Bienvenue mes amies,

Lately, I have been really trying to focus on gratitude and have been journaling 5 minutes per day with appreciation. I have been writing down all kinds of thoughts and things I appreciate~ inspirational quotes, people, books, food, the weather, God, you name it. I wanted to share some of my favorite items of October so far! The following five things have given me immense pleasure! Remember “joie de vivre” the joy of living everyday…what is bringing you pleasure today?!

Firstly, the frozen croissants found at Trader Joes! I am in the habit of every Saturday savoring one of these mini croissants with my jam I brought home from Paris. I also love the chocolate croissants and this season I believe they are also selling pumpkin croissants- yum!!

photo 3

I mean really did you think # 1 on my list would not be something food-related 😉 Basically, the night before you let your croissant rise…when you wake up you pre-heat your oven and bake for 15 minutes- so incredibly simple…these taste very authentic as if you purchased straight from the bakery- LOVE!

Now, I would not be writing a french inspired blog that did not include some wine every now and then. I think this wine is fantastic!

photo 5

St. Francis Cabernet Sauvignon , Sonoma County 2011

Notes: Red and velvety, this full-bodied Cabernet is meant to be sipped slowly and savored with a hearty meal. Deep and complex with aromas of black currants, spicy plum and tobacco. Generous tannins and structure. 

My local CVS store discounted this to $15 per bottle- normally $25 per bottle. Delicious!

I will post more in detail regarding the french and wine but the basic idea is the french really only drink wine if it accompanies food. To them, it is a very integral part of the meal. It complements the flavors on the plate. Very rarely will a french woman drink more than a glass or two. Occasionally, they will drink champagne outside of meal time but really wine is the alcohol of choice and the purpose is to add to the pleasure of the meal. Another lesson to live by to remain more elegant and in control…

My next favorite is the leather handbag I purchased in Paris! It was a small boutique and the french woman was so passionate about her handbags. The brand is irrelevant – it is real leather and obviously made with quality care. This is something I will proudly carry on my arm- it will remind me of Paris every time 🙂 I feel like I should be on the french riviera with this bag- so chic!

photo 4

I also have to show you the other one I selected….these were quality and affordable and from Paris…I will use forever…how clever is this?! Use as a clutch…

photo 1




It flips open to be used as a handbag…so brilliant and functional!

Next is this wonderful novel “A Year in Provence” written by Peter Mayle…I am still reading it or else I would give it a formal book review. It really is just a beautiful story that entices you with the beauty of the south of France. Can we all move there? From this book it seems like heaven on earth!!

photo 1

Lastly, I adore candles. Candles feel like luxury to me. I have a bad habit of being drawn to them in stores and just adding them to my shopping cart every time. I have candles all over my apartment. They make me smile! Candles bring me romance, beauty, light, sensuality. My favorite this month is from Anthropology. Don’t even get me started on that store. One word- that store = Dangerous! For me anyway 🙂

photo 2

Whipped Cream and Pear- Nothing better!

So this wraps up part one- tomorrow I will post part two. I will give you a hint~ it will definitely involve recipes and beautiful pictures and reveal a special creature in my life that I love!

PS- Can I mention my favorite dessert so far this month….

photo 3

This is one of my banana oat and chocolate cookies (see recipe section), vanilla soy milk and a spoonful of this outrageous salted caramel sauce. I purchased this sauce from a chocolate shop in Paris and brought it home with me! TO DIE FOR! Must try….

Well, I am off to work! Have a lovely day!



9 thoughts on “October Favorites: Part 1

  1. Merci pour toutes ces bonnes idées Krista!! Je vais acheter les croissants at Joe’s 😉


  2. Krista, have a great day at work! I too love those frozen croissants from Trader Joe’s!
    xoxo, Aunt Jenny


  3. I feel reading your blog is inspirational to me lrista. I almost feel as though I was in Paris. I am like you food candles wine etc. I love that u enjoy every day to the fullest krista. Keep cooking.

    Sent from my iPhone





  5. Dear Christa,

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I have been enjoying your wonderful blog. You are certainly the most gifted journalist extraordinaire ! I have attempted to leave comments and they are always declined as “improper fields ” . Through re-subscribing , I am hoping today’s comment went through . It seemed to not kick back . Thank you for sharing with such wisdom and eloquence your travels and passion for life . You add such beauty and light into this world . You are an inspiration to all.

    With much love and appreciation ,

    Tierney tierney1234@aol.com



  6. Awesome – YOU r such an artistic & thought provoking writer! Love you & your message! Xxoo. GPA & Gma

    Sent from my iPhone



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