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Good Morning All! I had the pleasure of dining at a fabulous restaurant last night in the heart of downtown Los Angeles..It was called Baco Mercat and was a spanish inspired tapas theme. The food was outstanding.

“Baco” refers to a signature flatbread sandwich that was developed by chef Josef Centeno (chef of Baco Mercat). The inspiration behind this signature flatbread was a spanish version of pizza called “coca.” The chef uses this delicious bread on the menu in the form of flatbreads and sandwiches.

To start a girl needs a cocktail on a Saturday night~ Pictured below…Tequila Mockingbird (a blend of cinnamon-vanilla infused tequila, aperol and pineapple)


This restaurant barrel ages its own liquor and has an extensive cocktail list. The bartenders obviously need to be as creative and innovative as the chefs at this restaurant!

Onto Dinner….There was not one item we ordered that was not exploding with flavor!!

To start…caramelized cauliflower…simply amazing.


Flavored with pine-nuts, mint and garlic.

Next was the hamachi crudo with spiced chilies, avocado and fried hash browns…



Okay…next was the hand torn homemade pasta with pork belly sugo… I love ordering this way at restaurants because instead of just getting an entree I like to order the sides and starters so that you can really taste everything the restaurant has to offer…Being I am a chef,  I like to know what the trends are and the innovation other chefs are using…


There is just something about home-made pasta that gets me every time…it takes me to Italy. This was probably my favorite dish. The sugo had amazing flavor and anything with pork belly you know is going to be good!

We could not eat at “Baco” and not order a flatbread. In fact, they all sounded so amazing that we splurged and ordered two!!

“The Salty Jowl” and “Carne Picada”

The salty jowl had guanciale (spanish cured ham), tomato, tallegio cheese and a fried egg…YUM!

The Carne Picada had yams, goat cheese, and spiced beef…this was so delicious and the winner for me! I cannot ever turn down yams or goat cheese ~ two of my favorite savory foods!

photo 1 photo 2

Finally, I will never say no to the dessert menu being presented.

Dessert was “Baked Semolina” with cinnamon, maple and apple butter….enough said!

photo 1 photo 2

I had an amazing night … I loved the food, and the atmosphere was fun, hip and trendy. It was a great night out. Hopefully this post will inspire you with some of the foods and flavor combinations mentioned or to just head out to a nice restaurant! I would highly recommend Baco Mercat if you live in the LA area. Be sure to make a reservation as it was packed and I know why!

Me and my handsome date 🙂


Well, I am packing up and getting ready to leave for Minneapolis this evening. I will be presenting my desserts I have been working on to a tasting panel there. I am super excited! I will post again later in the week when I return to Los Angeles! Have a great Sunday and start to your week 🙂

Oh and PS- this just arrived in the mail for me to read on the plane!!!



6 thoughts on “Baco Mercat ~ Restaurant

  1. Krista,

    What a fun date (being that you are both chefs) and cute picture of the two of you!!!
    That caramelized cauliflower looks amazing!
    We just got back from Chicago (which I want to chat about with you…..cause I heard you were headed there in the future). We had some amazing meals and with one meal we had roasted brussels sprouts (with capers, raisins and pistachios) at Tesori restaurant. Your cauliflower and the brussels reminds me how great veggies can be!
    I just finished the book you are currently reading on your plane trip. But I need to go back and read Jennifer Scott’s first book (thanks for the suggestions!)

    Bonne chance avec your presentation in Minneapolis!

    Bonne journee,
    Avec mon amour,
    Aunt Jenny


    • Aunt jenny! Yes I would love to chat about Chicago… I am headed there in two weeks! I bet you ha a wonderful time! Yes, vegetables can be so delicious… This cauliflower dish excited me to play with different ingredients with veggies! The Brussels sprouts you had sound amazing! Xoxo


  2. O my goodness krista I love how u love food like me. Enjoy. Loved your photo. And yes I will remember the restsurant

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Oh Krista, what a feast! I could almost taste it and I feel so gratified as you’re describing it in scrumptious detail. You look like a Spanish señorita in the picture. Have a fun and safe trip!


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