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Good Evening friends! Just a quick up-date…

I have returned from Chicago and am settling back into my normal routines and rituals. As we speak, I am sipping a peppermint latte and savoring a creme brûlée chocolate truffle…I was very lucky to score a box of 50 truffles from the food show that actually fit in my overpacked suitcase 🙂

photo 1photo 2

The food and wine show was marvelous and it really is fascinating to see what other companies are doing. It excites me to see the trends in the food business…every show is different and the Chicago show took on it’s own personality for sure! Next food show adventure will be in none other than the magnificent city of San Francisco. Stay tuned for that in January…

Meanwhile after the shows, we were on a hunt to uncover the best restaurants downtown Chicago had to offer…I will definitely, completely and fully recommend Blackbird Restaurant and Drumbar at the top of the Raffaello Hotel! The first night we started at Blackbird and savored a 4-course meal of perfection including celeriac soup with lobster and fried shallot, scallops seared with persimmon, spiced cocoa nibs and tarragon, and duck breast served with buttermilk spaetzle, orange and fennel…oh and let’s not forget the sticky bourbon butter cake with whipped goat cheese for dessert! The whole meal was outstanding with impeccable service!


Given the cold weather, starting off the meal with this celeriac soup was heavenly.

Next, the night unfolded and we were on to Drumbar with a chic atmosphere and bar with views of the city and fire pits everywhere to warm up. The craft cocktails were outstanding!

Fun times!

photo 1

photo 2

Anyways, back to the life of being a chef in Los Angeles!

I have been waking up craving health after sampling food for a few days at the show. Travel sometimes takes a toll on the body…I am constantly having to adjust to different time zones and extravagant meals.  So, I have made my favorite green smoothie that I have actually had in my repertoire for a few years. It combines spinach, frozen banana, almond milk and peanut butter with a little honey or agave syrup. It is really tasty, refreshing and uber healthy. I just love it and it leaves me full of energy to start my day. It’s basically the equivalent of having a salad for breakfast!

I hope everyone has had a lovely week! I will be baking home-made pies all day tomorrow for charity! I will probably be posting my favorite apple pie in an upcoming post- FYI

Here is the recipe for the greens and nuts smoothie! Enjoy!


Greens & Nuts Smoothie

2 handfuls raw spinach

1 tbsp peanut butter (or any nut butter~ I also use almond butter)

1 cup almond milk (soy or hemp milk will also be great)

1 banana, frozen

2 tsp honey

Blend all ingredients until smooth.

*If I have blueberries around I usually throw in a handful! *








4 thoughts on “Greens and Nuts

  1. Yum… Krista.. I LOVE this smoothie…one of your great recipes! Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Looking forward to your pie recipe!
    Kiss and a wink, Aunt Jenny


  2. Smoothie sounds great krista,but your food on trip sounds way more fun. Enjoy sweetie.sf will b wonderful.looking forward to hearing all about it.its such a food city,I live it.

    Sent from my iPad



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