Let the thanks begin…




Good morning lovelies! I am very ecstatic as I am driving out to the beach today to celebrate Thanksgiving with my amazing family. Every year, since I was 3 years old we have all gathered in Aptos, California (outskirts of Santa Cruz) right on the ocean. That in and of itself is something I am immensely grateful for…I really cherish the beautiful tradition that we have as a family!  I will be filling my days with morning beach walks, sipping coffee over lovely conversation, laughter, breathtaking views of the pacific ocean, bonfires on the beach, rest and of course the amazing food. Oh and… our nights usually unfold with music, sipping wine and playing dominos and scategories in the evening 🙂

I adore this time of year…I just spent the last few days in the kitchen basting turkeys, making pies (see my last post) and baking everything pumpkin related you can think of. I really savor the holidays…I love tradition and everything Thanksgiving represents…I will be posting from Santa Cruz!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!



10 thoughts on “Let the thanks begin…

  1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Krista. I just love your posts.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving! What a wonderful way to spend the holiday! Enjoy!


  3. Have a wonderful thanksgiving krista,and yes you are blessed to cherish all the memories of aptos with your loving family.And that’s what thanksgiving is all about,being grateful for everyone you have in your life.These are life’s treasures my friend.enjoy

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  4. Dear Krista, May your Thanksgiving be bountiful and full of God’s most sweetest blessings . How special for you to be with your beautiful family . Such special memories to cherish always . Thank you for enriching so many lives with your inspiring blog. You are extraordinary in every way . With love and gratitude always, Tierney


  5. This made me so happy just reading it. What an awesome family tradition! Love ya, Nicole xoxoxo


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