Wonderful Christmas Time…

Bonjour folks…. I just wanted to check in wish everyone a very happy new year and the rest of the holiday season! I have been MIA in technology land for the last several days and it has felt wonderful… Recap …

Beautiful time with family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!





Great food, delicious wines, wonderful conversations with loved ones… Back to normal for a couple days… Tonight The boyfriend and I attended the kings game and he made me a fabulous duck dinner from the ducks my father hunted! On the side was my brown sugar and butter roasted butternut squash and roasted fennel… Good times! I have a fabulous recipe to post soon! Have a wonderful blessed evening!




9 thoughts on “Wonderful Christmas Time…

  1. Love this post! So glad we got to spend time with you, so much fun! Can’t wait to see more of u in 2015 πŸ™‚


  2. Bonnes FΓͺtes!! 🌲🌟😊
    I’m in France right now, we went skiing yesterday and will visit the village Saint Antonin de Noble Val today and check if it’s as charming as in the movie The One Hundred Foot Journey. My warmest wishes to you and you beautiful family Krista. Love your blog ❀️


  3. Hi krista. The food and your family pictures are treasures for sure. Love all of it. So glad you are having wonderful holidays. Love the picture of you two also. Very cute. Thank you so much for your sweet gift. We ate the chocolate. Tonight on way back from sf as we saw kinky boots. It is excellent and the candle and pedals will b used tomorrow. Your dinner looked fabulous. I think I’m naming you Julia.

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  4. Krista…great post! Loved seeing you at Christmas. The duck dinner looks fabulous and I love the picture of you and Ernie at the King’s game! So glad you were able to attend the game. And so glad you were able to be home for the holidays! Love you and can’t wait for the recipe you promised in your blog!
    Love and a wink, Aunt Jenny


  5. Great pics! Thanks for sharing with us too! Looks like fun! The dinner looks awesome! Lv ya, Gma & Gpa


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