Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone 🙂

Hopefully everyone had a celebratory evening last night…I definitely had a glass of champagne in hand. I have to say I am so excited about 2015 and what this year will bring…I already have some adventures planned and am beyond thrilled anticipating them. I got up this morning and although I was going to attend the rose parade (heck I live in Pasadena) I decided to stay in and write down my dreams and projects for the year. I watched the parade on TV, whipped out my journal and served myself up a slice of my grandma’s pumpkin bread. This was a pleasant and intentional morning indeed!

I did want to share the recipe for the duck dinner I wrote about in my previous post…it was truly so fabulous and if you don’t eat duck you can also make this with cornish game hens, or chicken.




Basically, you sear a whole duck (game hen or chicken) in oil until browned on all sides. You then stuff it with jalapeño cheddar cornbread stuffing (we made our own with apples…YUM!) and bake it for an hour or so depending on the size of your bird. Then you make this delicious citrus glaze to baste and serve over the duck breast. It was a toss between a duck a la orange and sort of a southwest country barbeque meal….heavenly! Below I will share printable recipes for the stuffing and sauce.

I have to say my days have been filled with such simple pleasures on this lovely little break I have had. There is nothing better than spending my days curled up on the sofa reading books, sipping hot chocolate, long walks in nature, having nothing to do and no where to be, staring out the window or into the fire…LOVE it! I am going to bring more of these simplicities into my daily routines.

Some high-lights from the past week….

~Tea time at Bon Vivant Cafe…I want this tea pot….



~The movie “I Origins” really intense with a beautiful meaning. Rent it!

~The ted talk “Quiet” by Susan Cain….very inspirational. I love my introverted nature after listening to that speech 🙂 

~Sharing a charcuterie and cheese board over a two hour lunch…with wine! To me two hour lunches with cheese and wine is heaven… enough said.



Citrus Glaze

8 oranges (freshly squeezed)

zest of 1 orange

1/2 lemon (squeezed)

1 tbsp butter

1/4 cup brown sugar

pinch salt

a few thyme sprigs

2 tbsp orange marmalade

Put over medium low heat and reduce until syrupy. Approximately 20 minutes. Baste the duck with some of this glaze the last 10 minutes of cooking as not to burn. Then serve the rest of the sauce once meal is plated. 


You can also juggle the oranges before to make it taste better…





Jalapeño Apple Cornbread Stuffing

8 oz. sausage (we used jalapeño cheddar venison/pork sausage)

2 tbsp olive oil

1/2 cup onions, chopped

1/2 cup carrots, chopped

1/2 cup celery, chopped

1/2 cup parsnips, peeled and chopped

1/2 cup apples, chopped

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 tbsp each- sage, thyme, rosemary (chopped and stems removed)

1 tsp cumin

1 1/2-2 cups cubed cornbread

chicken stock to moisten

salt and pepper to taste


Brown sausage in skillet over medium high heat in some olive oil. Once browned (6-7 minutes) remove sausage to a plate and pour excess fat/oil into a cup reserving 2 tbsp only in the pan. Sauté onions, carrots, celery, parsnips and apples until translucent. Add in garlic and herbs and heat through for 5 minutes. Now, add in your cubed cornbread, sausage and pour in enough chicken stock to moisten. Once combined and heated through, set aside to let cool. Stuff the cavity of your bird liberally.

*Bake bird for 1 hour at 350 degrees….(depending on the size of your bird….game hens would be less and a whole chicken will be more)




Today I am going to take a long walk, enjoy the outdoors, make some hot chocolate, and have a home-made indian feast for dinner… Wishing all of you the best 2015 has to offer…





7 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Krista…love it! Happy 2015! Thanks for posting your duck recipe and the cornbread stuffing recipe…and the movie suggestion and ted talk suggestion. Have you read Susan Cain’s book called “Quiet?” Uncle Jed loved this book and I’m half way through it. A great book so far! Loved the juggling picture and absolutely love your kitchen! Bon Appetit and bonne annee! Love and a wink…aunt jenny


  2. Dearest Krista I so missed seeing you when you were in Sacramento I wanted to see all of you I know you had a wonderful fabulous time with your family sweetheart and that makes me very happy I love your recipes and love your love of life there is so much to enjoy every day and you haven’t nailed it and you do it I love itI have enjoyed my candle and the chocolate and the lavender bath petals just beautiful I will make your duck dinner as your father gives us ducks and everything else you could imagine happy new year to you and I hope you have the best year life has to offer. I meant you have nailed it. Sometimes voice text does not come out clear I’m sorry about that you and Ernie been cooks will always have wonderful food in your lives

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Hi Krista ~ wonderful recipe! Hope the pumpkin bread was’t too dried out!! Haha Was so worried about you attending the parade in person – TOO COLD! Love ya, Gpa & Gma


  4. I’m excited about the new year too Krista and what a great way to start the year! I love the duck recipe but can only juggle 2 oranges. Also, thanks for reminding me to read the book “Quiet” as I totally forgot until you mentioned it.
    Enjoyed our Christmas Eve concert together…coming home past my bedtime was all worth it!


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