Hey there! I am so charmed by the city of Seattle. I arrived yesterday, checked into my hotel and immediately hit the city streets to explore.

I stepped out onto the hilly avenue and immediately was taken in by the salt sea air and fried fish… The smells were exactly what I have been dreaming Seattle would be…




I walked through the famous “Pikes Place Market” and just savored each vendor booth at the market… The fish was so incredibly fresh looking… In fact so fresh that I decided it would be a seafood dinner…. It MUST be!

We stumbled upon SeaTown. This is one of Tom Douglas restaurant …. Everything was absolutely delicious!





I had the salmon with maple sherry shallots, white bean purée and roasted kale, cauliflower and roasted carrots with horseradish cream, beets and pecorino, toffee chocolate cream cake! I was having dinner with my boss and colleague…:)

Off to a meeting with Starbucks! Will report in when I return to LA!

Have a great day!

10 thoughts on “Seattle!

  1. Hi Krista…so fun! Glad you are enjoying Seattle! Wish I was there with you! Hug and a wink! Aunt Jenny


  2. So fun krista. Really enjoyed the pictures as I adore Seattle and its charm and love pikes market. Eleni is going this month on business trip. She is sure to enjoy

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  3. Have a wonderful trip Krista! Thank you for sharing your adventures and inspiration . You are remarkable ! xo, Tierney


  4. I feel like I am right there with you Krista and I would have the salmon as well! As always, I love your pictures and passionate description.


  5. Love your inputs & your pictures! All the very best for 2015 ❤️You are certainly on the right path, you and your boyfriend make a beautiful couple.


  6. Thank you Sandrine!! Xoxo


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