San Francisco…

Bonjour Mon Amies,



I am back from the beautiful city that is San Francisco! I used to live there when I attended culinary school and I have to say I appreciated this city so much more now that I was just visiting. The restaurants were fabulous, the food show was awesome, and overall it was just a really incredible few days. I LOVED the hustle and bustle of the city…people walking fast paced on the boulevards and you wonder where they are all headed?

I got up each day at the crack of dawn to walk by the water and watch the sunrise over the bay….so breathtaking with the large bridges in the background.

The restaurants I am going to absolutely recommend are Aziza (gourmet Moroccan/ French fusion), Mamacita (refined mexican in the Marina) and Isa (tapas country french flavors).

photo 1


photo 2


photo 3



Beautiful moroccan spreads for flatbread including yogurt, charred eggplant, and chipotle, braised lamb shank with the creamiest lentils, huckleberry mousse with tarragon ice-cream and beet/cardamom sorbet…YUM! Food experiences you cannot get anywhere. I seriously really respect the culinary scene in San Francisco.


Our booth at the food show sure was busy…



These shows make me so happy because I am with the like minded “foodies” of the world. Surrounded by people who actually make a career in food as well…it is very comforting in a weird way.

I am finishing up a busy work week here and then hopefully and just going to get some R & R this weekend. Recipe to come in next post!

Fun times….







I am going to have to recommend The Galleria Park Hotel on Sutter Street. I seriously felt that I was in Paris. It is owned by the “joie de vivre” hotel group. I didn’t even book the rooms and France comes to me everywhere. It you do not believe in “law of attraction” I challenge you for one week to focus on something that you love (for example France is my focus the majority of my life) and watch what comes your way….It’s miraculous. Anyway, these rooms are quaint, charming and adorable…very comfy beds as well. Very, very polite staff and there is a brasserie next door called Gaspar’s. This brasserie was just fabulous. Go upstairs to the restaurant scene…I, of course ended my trip sitting at the second floor bar of Gaspar’s with some champagne and dark chocolate….YES, they even supplied squares of dark chocolate! I thought to myself these are my kind of people 🙂


4 thoughts on “San Francisco…

  1. Krista…great post today! I loved hearing about the restaurants, the hotel and your food show! Sounds like the food show kept you very busy but that you also had some fun too. Love you and keep up the great blog! Hug and a wink, Aunt Jenny


  2. Sounds fascinating krista,love the pictures of the city and food.i know that restaurant sweetie.wonderful.i went there on Monday spent night with Eleni,she sure knows and enjoys those restaurants for sure,I too love how busy people seem in the city,walking,walking everywhere.only the tourists are overweight it seems,I live the energy in that city.while Eleni was at work I just walked the streets,I didn’t call you because I knew from your mom you were working. Enjoy,enjoy,enjoy my friend. Evelyn

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  3. Bonjour Krista. I love looking at the pictures you take. They are like pieces of art. I can look at them and admire them for a long time!


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