Happy Birthday to Moi

Fashion Paris



Wow! Today I turn 30 years old!

As I was sipping my coffee this morning I reminisced over the past decade being my 20’s and got instantly excited about stepping into my 30’s much wiser than my 20 year old self. Life is such a journey…I have lived in some of the most amazing cities in the US…Austin, San Francisco, LA. I have traveled and experienced, even fallen in love with other cultures… This past year I took a luxury vacation in Paris with 10 amazing girlfriends…for 10 days! I have experienced love and loss, career highs and lows, budding romances and purchasing my first home…I am truly so grateful at the experiences I have created for myself.

Keeping the positive outlook I most often have ….the best is yet to come!

I will be traveling solo and venturing to the South of France in the beginning of June. This is my birthday gift to myself and I am so thrilled to share my journey on this blog.

This is my 51st blog post and I am so happy I still love writing and sharing….Thank you to everyone who has supported these posts. I love to connect with people through words and thoughts 🙂

Off to let the celebration begin…My office will throw a party for me today with cake! Then a fabulous dinner this evening with someone I love dearly….Good food, good conversation …my usual favorite things!

Have a blessed day everyone!



14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Moi

  1. Happy 30th Birthday 1st Born!!! We love you… xo Mom and Dad


  2. Happy Birthday Krista!!


  3. Happy Bithday Krista! With you…the best is yet to come. You become more beautiful and powerful as each year goes by….like fine wine. Enjoy!
    With Love,


  4. Thank you Angie! I love this description!! Xo beautiful!


  5. Happy 30th birthday Krista,!!! May you continue to he surrounded by much joy, happiness, liove , new adventure and many savored memories. You are an extraordinary young lady and we are so proud of you .

    With love and admiration,

    The Drury family


  6. JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE MA CHéRIE !!! 30 years old, it’s such a beautiful time of your life: enjoy it! Wish I could celebrate with you … Champagne!!


  7. Happy Birthday my beautiful friend!! May this decade bring you so much joy and adventure. Love you tons!



  8. Have a wonderful Birthday Krista!!! The best is yet to come. So many exciting things just waiting for you- enjoy!!


  9. Happy Birthday Krista! Have a fabulous day and evening! Love you very much!
    Love and a wink,
    Aunt Jenny


  10. Krista congratulations on your love for life and all it offers us daily.you are right the thirties are fabulous,20s people are still not content with their life I don’t think. Keep up your posts and have a fabulous dinner this evening with your special guy. Happy birthday sweet girl. Love Evelyn

    Sent from my iPad



  11. Happy Birthday my friend! You are wise beyond your years. Love you!! xoxoxo


  12. Krista,
    Wishing a very special girl a very special year!!!! I love following your life💟
    Happy 30th


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