A big Thanks!

I am so grateful for all of the comments and love I received yesterday on this blog! I had seriously one of my best birthdays yet…even despite having to be at work 8 hours…every part of my day was enjoyable! Here are some highlights….

My birthday cake…my boss made my favorite lemon meringue …but instead of the pie she made this beautiful lemon layer cake under the clouds of swiss meringue….



Flowers… the most beautiful, lovely flower bouquet arrived at my desk…




Dinner at one of the most amazing sushi restaurants I have ever been…we were seated in a private “mountain rock grotto” and have multiple courses including a signature dish and dessert on the house!!

Seriously this may be my new all time favorite restaurant…Sushi Roku in Old Town Pasadena.



photo 1


photo 2



photo 3



photo 4


Pork belly fried rice, toro (tuna belly) with kumquat jam and pepper sauce, Sea bream with chilies, scallions and yuzu….this place was gourmet to the nines….every single plate was melt in your mouth delicious! The service was outstanding.


photo 5


I felt nothing short of a princess on my birthday….so so grateful and blessed!


5 thoughts on “A big Thanks!

  1. Fabulous day for a fabulous girl!!


  2. love it and love you!
    Hug and a wink,
    Aunt Jenny


  3. Dear Krista , It sounds like your 30th was perfect in every way! You deserve life’s very best always .

    Blessings to you!



  4. Looks like a fabulous birthday for sure krista. I love sushi. In sac only mikuni will satisfy me. I made a fish stew and a vanilla cake with a very rich sauce with raspberries and strawberries and port wine. Your parents were invited but couldn’t come. This is why Dave never wants to go out right???ernie too. Keep writing doll Evelyn

    Sent from my iPhone



  5. You are going to have a beautiful year Krista! I can’t wait for your travel to beautiful south of France. Your zest for great food and travel is an inspiration to all of us!


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