Glamour & Enchantment




There are many reasons to break out the bottle of Veuve….your friend  being swept away on a date with a wonderful guy is one of them. Especially if she is accompanying this man to the Oscars.

Wow! What a lovely day of glamour yesterday was…even for me and I was not the one going. My dear friend Monica attended the Oscar’s last night and we spent the entire day full of excitement and getting her ready for the big event. The limo came at 3 pm…

We started with a lovely catch-up time over eggs benedict for breakfast …




Then the hair and make-up crew arrived….the champagne was popped, the smooth jazz put on surround sound, and the beauty artists began their work.


photo 1


photo 2


And… the already beautiful Miss Monica was transformed into a movie star!!


photo 1



photo 2





This post is a tribute to my beautiful friend…inside and out.

Enchantment and dreams do exist.

There is also inspiration behind this post.

There is a study that you resemble the 5 people you spend the most time with. This is called “the law of average” a theory by Jim Rhon (public inspirational speaker). You are going to energetically measure up to your “group” in health, wealth, values, intellect, self esteem, appearance….etc.  Most likely, if you surround yourself with amazing positive people doing amazing things in this world…you are bound not to come up short if you celebrate in their glory! As we were sitting at breakfast, we were almost pinching ourselves. We were giddy little school girls full of excitement. Full of excitement at the reality and the topics we were both discussing in regards to our lives. It seemed like a movie…..a fairytale ….. most people would not believe us if we told them. Miracles are happening. I am excited for my friend, I am excited for myself, I am excited about life. There is no better feeling!

Cheers everybody and happy Monday!

8 thoughts on “Glamour & Enchantment

  1. I love you Julia. You are an inspiration to all. I love your sincere kindness towards others and your appreciation for people and life. It’s just the way everyone should be. It looks like you and your friend had an awesome time. Love your posts. Talk soon. Evelyn

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  2. Krista…so fun and I’m so happy for your friend, Monica! She looked beautiful! Now I have to replay the Oscars to see if I see Monica!
    Have a great week! Love, Aunt Jenny


  3. How exciting Krista! I rushed home yesterday so I don’t miss what everyone was wearing. Thanks for sharing how elegant Hollywood style Monica looked. I’m my opinion, she looked the best of the best. Quite a day Monica had and for you to make it even more special for her!


  4. Love you both! xo


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