Early Morning Thoughts…

Tuesday morning musings…


Inspired by beauty today…I was on my routinely morning walk and stopped to admire so many lovely flowers. I am blessed to walk everyday in Pasadena proper….where there are oak tree lined streets, a mix of california coastal, mediterranean, and old victorian mansions, beautiful landscapes, winding pathways, lamp posts, and flowers everywhere.

I love my morning ritual and the beauty that surrounds my morning I believe sets me up for success everyday. I have positive energy flowing through me right now 🙂 I also broke out my journal and wrote this morning. I skimmed through it and noticed a statement, a wish that I had written about 3 months ago that is now coming true and present in my life today. I am not going to disclose this yet….stay tuned! However, I do want to share I am a firm believer in what you imagine for yourself will come true, in some form or another over time, if you keep believing in it wholeheartedly.

“A vision is not just what could be; it’s an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.”

Pure beauty….


In other news, I just returned from a lovely weekend in Palm Springs! We are celebrating my sister, and her last few months as a bachelorette! Pure luxury…lounging by the pool, delicious meals, and girl talk all weekend!



What else?!

I just got this in the mail! This is a must read for EVERY woman. I am 20 pages in and it’s a page turner!


Have a lovely week everyone! Cheers to life xo

11 thoughts on “Early Morning Thoughts…

  1. Beautiful Blog today Krista! xo


  2. Beautiful pictures..love the flowers and pics from your fabulous weekend! Have a great day!
    Love you!
    Aunt Jenny


  3. As always my darling krista I so enjoy your posts,the flowers are beautiful and spring is the most beautiful time of year,love all the memories of our kimmys party..you all look beautiful..looks like too much fun,I am so excited for her..and yes those things you long for in life do come true if it’s meant to be sweetie of anything..have a wonderful day. Evelyn

    Sent from my iPad



  4. Beautiful thoughts and pictures Krista. I plan on getting this book….love you and your blog!


  5. I just love that you are surrounded by so much natural beauty in your walks. I am manifesting this for myself! Stayed tuned!


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