May 24, 2015


Carmel by the Sea…


Bonjour mon amies!

I hope everyone is enjoying memorial day weekend as much as I am.

So, yes…. I am one of the lucky ones that traveled to Carmel-by-the-Sea to walk the beach, wine taste and shop with my girlfriends. We rented this quaint, adorable, chic cottage! We spent 4 nights and 5 days in BLISS!

What a lovely vacation. Our days went something like this….

Sleeping in until we naturally woke up.

Sipping french press coffee and eating homemade scones in the morning by the fire.

Around 11 am~ it was time for a beach walk.

Oh and then ….a two hour lunch of course (we have to do as the french do- especially on vacation!)

Followed by shopping.

Or wine tasting.

Or driving up the Pacific Coast Highway to stop and enjoy the amazing breathtaking views on our way from Carmel to Big Sur. If you have not done this coastal drive it is a must in your lifetime!




We were trying to spot some whales but we didn’t see any.

After this beautiful, stunning drive we stopped at Nepenthe (a restaurant, viewing stop, gift shop) to have dinner. The view alone made it worth it and the food was good! I highly recommend the grilled artichoke appetizer. It had a lemon chive dipping sauce that was addicting. Cocktails were awesome as well!

The view from our table at Nepenthe!


We really got lucky and dined at some really, really amazing restaurants. I am going to list them below. Seriously, I was so so happy with the meals we had.


Dametra Cafe (Mediterranean/Greek …so delicious. Fun atmosphere, lamb kabob = amazing!)

La Balena (Italian. Lunch here the first day. Gnocchi and burrata appetizer.)

Forges (Lunch- the best part was the atmosphere- sit outside with the fire pits and strung lighting. Charming really and the servers are very friendly.) The truffle grilled cheese was memorable.

Katy’s Place (OH MY! We ate here twice for breakfast. This place was phenomenal. A little quaint diner where all the locals go located on Mission. They have 16 versions of eggs benedict alone. Really recommend this if you are a breakfast person!)

Grasings (Here we are below with our two hour lunch. We ordered the crab cakes, the onion tart, goat cheese appetizer on crostini, onions rings – some of the best I have had!+ yummy salads.)


Last but not least….Andre’s Bouchee. This was a french bistro made to make you feel that you are in Paris. Of course, this had to be our finale dinner. We ordered goat cheese stuffed zucchini flowers, cream of mushroom soup, petrole sole, scallops, and for dessert… tart tatin. Everything was outstanding. We spent almost three hours here! So much fun! I love my friends! I love our deep conversations about life. I love feeling like I am in Paris when I am in the central coast of California 🙂


A few other highlights of the trip…. shopping~ just go in all the stores. You will find home decor boutiques, clothing stores, food and wine centric shops, bookstores, hand bags, make-up….pretty much any genre you are looking for. Don’t forget to stop into the amazing art galleries.

We also LOVED the lattes at the Carmel Coffee House and Roasting Company. Plus… their lemon bar was outstanding 🙂

It was so much fun to take one afternoon to wine taste. This was really a great experience and we went to 3 tasting rooms. The one that stood out the most was Dawn’s Dream. We were strolling along and saw a logo with the elegant woman in a bathtub sipping a glass of wine and we thought this tasting room is one we MUST go to. It’s just our style.


This was an amazing tasting room and the woman in the bathtub is Dawn the owner of the winery. She holds a lot of her wine events/tastings for charity and is living her dream of working in the field of wine and funding causes. Beautiful mission.


Another day we strolled around the Carmel Mission. The grounds were beautiful and this was just a really peaceful, grounding way of spending our afternoon.


I would recommend experiencing Carmel exactly as we did. It was the PERFECT girls getaway. I would advise renting a charming cottage…it makes you feel as though you live there. Although, there are a ton of great inns, and hotels. The restaurants I referred to will leave you loving your dining experiences. There are several more we wished we could have had time to try. Oh well…that just means we will be back!

Here are some more pics of the memories. Love you Kim and Nicole! xo







9 thoughts on “Carmel by the Sea…

  1. You look so pretty and happy in all your pictures. Looks like it was a great trip!


  2. Oh yes krista,this is how it’s done,everything you did,places you went,and food you ate will b forever in your memory.carmel is and always has been so special to me as dave and I had our honeymoon there 43 years ago…we have gone often over the years..we love demetras,and nepenthe in big sur and the bakery,and shopping,eating,and enjoying the breathtaking view from everywhere,especially nepenthe..I love the cheese shop in the plaza with wine and bread..I love the fireplaces everywhere,the smokey smell of the restaurants.its a little paradise we have in California.your house looked darling sweetie..enjoy life my krista,I adore you

    Sent from my iPad



    • Evelyn! You and Dave had your honeymoon there! Wow! And the fact you have been together 43 years…. Oh my. Lucky girl you! The wine and cheese shop was temporarily closed .. Darn. I think they were remodeling!


  3. Bonjour mon amie!

    MA-GNI-FI-QUE!!! Merci pour les photos, quel beau voyage!

    I apologize for my delayed message, i’ve been so busy with the finals -all my students are studying like crazy and so do I by helping them (& the summer camp in June!).

    I can’t wait for July! Not sure then if i’ll go to Europe. Please keep sending your beautiful updates!

    Thinking of you always 😘



  4. I so enjoyed our trip! You are an amazing ‘host’ and your breakfast treats made our trip so special! You and Kim are amazing friends, can’t wait to do this again soon.


  5. Krista…what beautiful pictures and descriptions! What a great trip! Like Evelyn and Dave, we too spent our honeymoon in Carmel by the Sea! You have me excited to go back and try the restaurants you shared in your blog! Love to you! Aunt Jenny


  6. Hi, Krista, It looks like you are having an absolutely incredible and delicious week, eating the best Provence has to offer. Thanks for sharing. Which were your favorite wise this week?


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