June 6, 2015


Vaison-la-Romaine… Day 1


Well I should be passed out or hallucinating after having been awake AND in planes and airports for the last 25 hours…. But I am not 🙂 I am so in awe of the beauty surrounding me I have to document this. I arrived in Provence today (France time … Around 2 pm) I thought I would take a shower and lay down once I received the keys to my flat… but I am so inspired by Vaison-la-romaine that I immediately went into the village. I went to the butcher, baker, chocolatier… I just couldn’t help myself… This is what France does to me. I swear it’s France.

It helped that this was waiting for me when the taxi dropped me off… Compliments and a welcome from the landlord


Sharon… This lovely lady rented me a flat and she is actually from Napa, California. She now owns not one but TWO flats in Provence. Hard life that must be 😉 After I tasted one bite of the creamy, perfectly balanced Camembert, Sharon suggested we go into the village and see this renowned cheese shop where this Camembert was birthed. So off we went.

Cheese shop first, followed by handmade beautiful custom pottery shop, then the baker, the chocolatier and the butcher. She knows them all. Personally. I love how in these villages in France it seriously is “the butcher’s clients”. He knows what cuts of meat Sharon usually likes and requests to cook. He also knows her budget, her marinade recipe, and the exact weight of ham hock she wanted. She must feel like a celebrity when she walks in any store here!!





This breathtakingly beautiful village in Provence reminds me of a coastal town, combined with charm but instead of on the sea it is placed snack dab right in the middle of wine country. It is so lovely. Pictures don’t do it justice.

I cannot tell you the excitement I have to be in France. I love it. Yes, sometimes the French are arrogant but really most of my experience is that they are nice and good people.

The chic woman that picked me up in a Mercedes taxi from the Avignon train station was a little abrupt about the fact that she did NOT understand me. She speaks only French… Hey, I am in her country and honestly this is not quite like sophisticated Paris … These people out here know what they know. I obliged and white-knuckled it to speak a least some decent French to her… At least to try and get her to drive where I was going and needed to be! An hour later she dropped me to my flat. She smiled and told me to have a great day. (In French of course) bonne journee!

I have not even stepped foot in the farm house mansion or met anyone attending my cooking school… So much More to come!!!


4 thoughts on “Vaison-la-Romaine… Day 1

  1. C’est génial! J’adore te voir en France Krista – comme un poisson dans l’eau …. Merci pour les photos!


  2. Bonjour ma belle niece,
    Wow…. I love it! Everything!!! Can’t wait to see more of your adventure!
    Aunt Jenny


  3. Bon jour Krista!

    Thank you for sharing your amazing start to your journey . Your pictures and words make a person feel like they are right there with you . Blessings to you for a continued enriching and wonderful trip . I look forward to your next post !! Much love , Tierney


  4. Oh my krista. I am so excited for you. The pictures are amazing. I am excited for your adventures. Enjoy every day your there. I am cooking so much I’m thinking if you. Enjoy sweetie. Love you

    Sent from my iPhone



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