June 8, 2015


Chanteduc… Day 1



Ok. If there was heaven on earth this is my slice of it.

Today we arrived at the Chateau at 10 am. We took a tour of the property. Acres of land. Beautiful majestic land. Patricia told us she starts her day by jumping in the pool at sunrise “naked”. Then she goes to her garden and literally stops to smell the roses, the lemon verbana and Thai basil. She then picks some apricots or cherries and heads inside for her morning coffee and fruit. The rest of her day is spent testing recipes, writing, and cooking. Her and Walter have a two hour lunch overlooking the vineyard and then retreat in for a nap. Afternoon is spent on garden maintenance and soaking up the sun. Then down to the wine cellar they go to select the wine best paired with dinner…. Ok. Enough said. They are the lucky ones. It does exist that you can live this way and just “be”. My day was pretty similar to Patricia’s with the exception of the skinny dipping πŸ™‚

I was in charge of the cherry clafoutis which was served as our lunch dessert.



Patricia instructed me to leave the stems on the cherries. It is charming and it allows for you to eat slower and savor because you have to take the pits out while eating!

We also learned that Patricia makes her very own vanilla extract. She takes seeded vanilla beans and puts them in Tupperware with a little vodka . A few days later you have extract. Who knew?!



We all made Soup au Pistou together. We made home made pesto and olive tapenade the old fashioned way with mortor and pestle. It seriously tasted that much better due to the extra labor involved.

Here we are dining on the soup! With the most wonderful rose!

Tavel mordoree la dame rousse



Okay, so I am quite stunned. Julia Child gave Patricia her stove. Well one of her stoves from over the years… And it still works! Turns out Patricia and Julia were quite close friends. There were pictures of them in one of the main kitchens… Yes Patricia has four kitchens on the property!




I spent a bit of time in this room. Julia Child is one of my idols. She moved to Paris at 50 and started a career in food that would vastly change how Americans viewed French cuisine. I was taken aback as Patricia described their friendship and just acted nonchalant. I felt a sense of history… It was really cool.


This is me picking lemon verbana from the garden… I made a lemon verbana honey sorbet with it! Yes, even the honey is harvested from the property. This is surreal.

Dinner was steak and frites. With Bordeaux πŸ™‚ I was in charge of cooking the meat and it came out perfectly if I do say so myself. Also a curry cold tomato soup, cheese plate and apricot galette.



The sun sets at 10 pm in Provence. We sat down to dinner around 9 pm. I love it here.


Tomorrow is an early morning for me! We are meeting at the outdoor market to select fish and exotic fruits.

A bientot! My fabulous readers πŸ™‚



8 thoughts on “Chanteduc… Day 1

  1. I am so enjoying these posts! So beautiful!!


  2. Oh my, oh my…I just love it! I LOVE everything! Thank you for all of the pictures and descriptions and fun details!!! I feel like I’m there with you! I can hardly wait for tomorrow’s post!! Looks like you are having a fabulous time!
    Aunt Jenny


  3. Enchanting. Keep writing Krista. I am living it with you vicariously. Give me a heads up and I will go on a culinary adventure with you next time. I would love that.


  4. Dear Krista,,,,,all I can say is it’s fabulous… Love the cooking,stove,scenery is breathtaking….I feel the love connection you have with these wonderful cooks,,,,,beyond fabulous…..eat pray love sweetheart. Evelyn


  5. One more thing krista,,something about the potatoes in Greece and Italy that are so different than in states,my mother told me it was the soil,whatever it is they are truly the best. Enjoy


  6. Krista I have that grill. I use it every week for everything

    Sent from my iPhone



  7. Krista– such wonderful photos of Patricia’s class and estate. Summer in Provence couldn’t be more beautiful.


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