June 9, 2015


Marche de Provence … Chanteduc Day 2



We started this morning at the town open air market which much to my surprise… Consists of the entire village. I was thinking it was just going to be a strip in village center but literally there are stands down every charming stone street. The vendors come all the way from Lyon, France. There are 500 vendors. Everything from produce, meats, fish, paella, spices, clothes, linens, furniture, plants, jewelry , art and even books and CDs. It was incredible!





Here is Patricia ordering our monkfish and turbot. Monkfish for lunch, turbot fillet for dinner.

We watched as the monkfish was filleted. This is a very tough fish to break down. There are several layers of “skin” that have to be removed. It is worth it… We coated it in Parmesan and polenta and pan fried them for lunch. Delicious with a squeeze of lemon!


Everything was so incredibly fresh. I picked up some of the sugar sweet baby strawberries and a small melon. I cannot wait to have them for breakfast. My fingers were stained red on my way back from the market. I had to sneak some strawberries- I just couldn’t resist πŸ™‚ They taste like candy. Unfortunately, there is no comparison with strawberries from the states.

I learned this : In France, when a fish has an orange tag on it… You can immediately go on-line and see a picture of the fisherman with your fish and where it was caught … And how many hours ago! The freshness and quality- superb!


Back to the farmhouse we went!

On the menu ~ lunch

Monkfish coated in parmesan and polenta with lemon

Stuffed zucchini flowers with goat cheese and herbs

Selection of cheeses with green salad

Lemon verbana sorbet and almond cookie bar

I arrived and got to work on the zucchini flowers… So gorgeous!



How elegant that we wrapped them in a chive bow.



We also had a tomato platter and this was the white wine that was served. Divine.

Patricia really has my style around cooking and food. Everything is relaxed. Jazz music is put on, there is no urgency (unlike restaurants), wine is tasted, and olives are set out to nibble on. Standing around a big beautiful kitchen talking, telling stories with the music humming in the background makes cooking fun! It is an event everyday at Patricia’s. Centered around food, connection and beauty everywhere. I swear the food tastes better because of it πŸ™‚



Back down to the courtyard we went to dine. Lunch is usually from 1-3 everyday.

Heading back to the farmhouse in a bit for a wine and cheese pairing and educational … Then dinner. Tonight we are having turbot with potatoes and asparagus. Yum. Tomorrow we are touring the wineries and having lunch out at a spectacular restaurant in Gigondas.


19 thoughts on “Marche de Provence … Chanteduc Day 2

  1. Bonjour Krista,
    Mais quel plaisir toutes ces photos! Un vrai rΓ©gal pour les yeux: MERCI!
    The weather seems to be really nice too – blue sky beginning of June, you’ re a lucky girl.
    I wish I could be with you …
    Lots of Love, Sandrine.


  2. Love it!!! Absolutely fabulous!!! Thanks for all of the details and pictures from your day! I love seeing and hearing about everything! It’s all so beautiful!
    Aunt Jenny


  3. Oh Krista , What an extraordinary journey you are on , Thank you so much for sharing your passion and inspiration . Truly amazing . XO, Tierney


  4. I so enjoy following you around Krista! What a beautiful and dreamy place. I love you and your blog!


  5. Hi Krista! OMG – thank you so much for sharing this with us! Cannot believe how beautiful everything is and how much you are enjoying each & every part! We are too! We love you and look forward to our next blog! Warm Hugs, Gpa Tom & Gma Carole


  6. I love hearing about every part of your adventure. So amazing – and my mouth is watering!



    • Kim. You would be in heaven. You and I share that live for wine and cheese. There is wine all day and cheese at both courses πŸ™‚ I am in dream world!


  7. You had me at France…and Patricia Wells and Wone and cheese and everything. So happy for you!


  8. Krista-

    I love getting to read about your daily adventures in France! The way you describe everything and send all the pictures make me feel like I am there as I read. It is so fun to hear the excitement in your words and you can tell what an amazing trip this is. Looking forward to seeing you soon and enjoy the rest of your vacation.


  9. Oh my goodness krista breathtaking pictures of the land,the food,the people. This is just so amazing,everything you are doing every day……I would be in heaven,the table settings are beautiful as well.i love your apron….Greeks also make the stuffed zucchini flowers..quite elegant,the tomatoes look fabulous,the menu is beyond what most people eat in a lifetime….enjoy sweetie. Eat. Pray Love. Enjoy the adventure every minute evelyn


    • Evelyn! The place settings are one more elegant attention to detail. And don’t even getting me started on the plates. Everything is beautiful. Tables scapes are always different and beautiful .


  10. Jealous! I didn’t know that about the orange tags on fish. I’ll have to look that up the next time I’m at a fish stall!


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