June 11, 2015


Pizza Provençal


Today up at the farmhouse was home made pizza day. Now when I say homemade, I mean everything. Home made dough, homemade sauce, homemade pesto, homemade sausage and even homemade pickled capers. Best pizza I have tasted in Europe! Including in Italy… Sorry Italians:)

This was so much fun and what a great way to entertain. Once everything was made, the toppings were set at the center of the island and we each made our own. All of them turned out fantastic.






It was Sue’s birthday and she got to raid Patricia’s wine cellar. Since there was no price tag she could have picked a wine anywhere from 20 Euros to 500 Euros. Woohoo!

Before we made our pizzas we sat in the courtyard and had an olive oil tasting to learn all about how to make olive oil. Chanteduc has their own and it tasted superior in my opinion to the others! I learned that all olives are green. They turn black depending on where you are in the world. (Some cultures ripen and others keep green)



Today was so much fun! I am definitely throwing a pizza party when I get back to the states … Who is coming?!

Okay… So last night! Wow, what an experience. We were invited to the home of Vini and Colette for an aperitif. They are close friends of Patricia’s. This was interesting because they barely, barely know any English. One of the other ladies in my class is pretty well versed in French so she was able to translate.

They welcomed us into their garden and popped the champagne. We were served radishes which we dipped in sea salt (a French custom) as well as little toasts topped with cheeses and tapenade.





We were then served melons. Perfect with the champagne. Colette took one bite and knew that a certain group of melon slices were slightly slightly over-ripe. I went to take a slice and she immediately took it and gave it to her husband. She spooned me one from another tray and said something in French. What she said was “only the perfectly ripe for our guest.” This is what I love about the French. They are so prideful and precise about food. How dare anyone eat a melon that wasn’t at it’s peak ripeness?! What a waste.

What a lovely evening. I have been immersing myself in this culture and I am pleasantly, pleasantly surprised which how much I have enjoyed doing so. Tomorrow is sadly my last day of Patricia’s class and then I head to Paris!

I am staying in tonight. I am going to enjoy my beautiful flat and make a salad. Allow my body to rest. Picture me… I will be out on my terrace with music humming in the background looking over the hills at all the old stone homes with periwinkle shutters….

Au Revior! Until tomorrow 🙂


5 thoughts on “Pizza Provençal

  1. Krista…. I love it and sign me up for your pizza party!!! I can’t wait! Have a great evening enjoying your salad and can’t wait to see you soon!
    Aunt Jenny


  2. Krista, It is so exciting reading all about your adventures. I just love all the great things you are experiencing. A pizza party sounds like a fabulous idea!!


  3. Dear Krista , Such extraordinary experiences you are having !! Thank you so very much for sharing ! Your visuals are amazing! I feel like I am right there . Can’t wait for your next post !! The pizza looked over the top delicious ! XO , Tierney


  4. So my style!!! This post speaks to my heart!!


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