June 15, 2015


Paris my Love…


Well I made it to the city of light! Oh how I love Paris. As soon as I stepped off the train at Gare Lyon station I instantly had a huge grin 🙂 Despite being sweaty and tired from traipsing all of my luggage onto and off of the trains. Too bad I had to buy nice bottles of Chateau-Neuf-Du-Pape… 🙂 Heavy, heavy!

I settled into my beautiful flat in the 5th arrondissement (Latin quarter) and met a friend. We ate at this wine bar and it was so trendy and chic… In the St. germain




What a fun night out… Everything I have eaten has been utterly delicious. For the last two days I have set out on foot and walked ALL over the city. It really is the best way to see the inner makings of each district.




So far I have had all of my French classics…

onion gratinee soup and steak and frites at Cafe Delmas



Instead of roasted garlic, the steak came with large roasted shallots that were melt in your mouth to die for…

Next, of course

Le Chèvre Chaud… Warm goat cheese salad


Tonight I will go to a restaurant in my neighborhood where they specialize in homemade pasta… It’s supposed to be fabulous.

Oh and next time you are in Paris make sure to go up to the 9th floor of the Institute of Arabs and have a Kir Royale at the cafe terrace. This had the most breathtaking views…


Tomorrow I have a food tour in the Marais district. I will let ya know how that goes. I love my life! Talk soon!

3 thoughts on “Paris my Love…

  1. oh my gosh…love it Krista!!!
    Aunt Jenny


  2. Wish I was you sweetie. How fabulous your travels. Love love it and love you


  3. Thank you so much for sharing all the beautiful places and experiences you are experiencing! We love it! Can’t wait to see you at the wedding! Hope you are not all worn out!!!!!!!! Love you, Gpa & Gma


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