June 25, 2015


Food Tour of the Marais District…Paris


Bonjour! I am finally back and well rested here in California! I did want to post about this fabulous food tour that I had on my last day in Paris.

But first, here are some wonderful pictures of me with my sister on her big day! She truly had a fairy-tale wedding this past weekend and I am so happy for her! The ceremony and reception took place at a beautiful venue in Orange County, California. Rancho Las Lomas

Me and her with hair and make-up done just before she put on her wedding dress…

photo 3

The bride, me, + her great friend and bridesmaid Lindsey

photo 1

The entire Bridal Party! Plus Mom’s!

photo 2


Where did she go on her honeymoon?! Italy bien sur! Us girls cannot stay out of Europe. Hopefully her and Alan are eating incredible food over there!!

Okay so now onto the food tour!

Marais District

Likely the most fascinating quarter of Paris, the Marais is also one of the most beautiful! It’s character comes partly from a combination of diverse cultures and styles. There are boutiques, old world mansions, art galleries displaying contemporary works, and small artisan shopkeepers. In this district, quarter, arrondissement, neighborhood, whatever you want to call it, there is historical landmarks, superb architecture, and strong cafe culture. 

I was beyond excited to travel through the Marais and “taste” my way through. I met with my group outside of Cafe de la Poste on the Rue de Turenne. Claire was our tour guide originally from Ireland and she was great. The tour I did was called “Paris by Mouth” and I chose to tour the Marais. You can absolutely tour other districts but I chose the Marais as it is on the “right bank” and I have stayed and spent most of my time on the “left bank” or other side of the Seine river. Off we went!

We started at this bakery….


I am telling you…this was incredibly small, however the owner just won an award for having the second best croissant in Paris. He makes EVERYTHING in this small bakery and you can tell. We tried 4 pastries and they were all heavenly. It is rumored that this bread baker/pastry chef eats three baguettes per day and also, while he is at it runs 10 miles a day. He is a baker and a marathoner. What a cool combination! What I learned from this was because there are SO many boulangeries and patisseries in Paris you really need to do your homework and make sure they are artisan…meaning they make their delicacies on site! The quality and taste will be so much better.

I died over these croissants. It was hard not to inhale a whole one! So utterly delicious!


We also tried baguettes, chouquettes, and brioche aux amandes. Yum!

Onto the next site…a short 5 minute walk from the bakery was Ramella Charcutier Traiteur which was more or less a very very gourmet delicatessen. We ordered duck rillettes, rabbit terrine, poultry terrine to have later in the day next to our cheese.

photo 1

photo 2

We then stopped at the cheese shop! The best in the district which was named after a father and daughter as they run it in tandem. The cheeses we had were memorable. We waited to eat these once we were at the wine shop and then broke into our cheese and duck/rabbit terrines.

Cheese Shop : Jouannault


Cheeses we tried:

Valencay (goat from the Loire Valley- covered in ash- this one was a favorite of mine!)

Rocamadour (goat- mild and milky with nutty aftertaste)

Bouton de Culotte (distinctive goaty taste, strong with tingling finish)

Chaource (this was a creamy brie with truffles!) so good. 

Ossau-Iraty (sheep milk nutty and salty- semi-soft)

Comte (my favorite of the day!) melts in your mouth with a plethora of tastes leaving a sweet finish

Roquefort (strong blue sheeps milk)

We of course stopped at a wine shop to sip wine while we tried all of the cheeses. The wine shop was adorable and we sat at wine barrel tables. So chic! The wine shop was called Bibovino.

photo 1

photo 2

This was incredibly fun! We started with a crisp white wine with our goat cheeses all the way to a heavy bordeaux with our Roquefort. I will definitely be buying these cheeses again.

We then strolled through an outdoor market. Went to a butcher to try some salted ham and eventually ended up at the best chocolate store I have ever been in- Jacques Genin. It looked like a designer fashion boutique.

photo 1

photo 2

I mean seriously – how beautiful! You almost don’t want to eat them. AND get this….they make their chocolates upstairs from this boutique….the windows are glass so you can see the chocolatiers at work!

I tried the milk chocolate mango-passionfruit and the dark chocolate mint. Dreamy!

photo 1

photo 2

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this food tour! If nothing else maybe I have made you slightly hungry! Go to Paris and while your there stop by these places I mentioned. You will be happy you did 🙂

5 thoughts on “Food Tour of the Marais District…Paris

  1. Great descriptions and pictures Krista!!! Love the wedding pictures and the tour of the Marais district! Love your blog!
    Aunt Jenny


  2. Dear Krista, This is another of your wonderful masterpieces! Gpa & I truly enjoy each of them! The extra preview of the wedding was lovely too! Such a wonderful week end! Still recovering — not used to wearing heels that high!!!! LOL

    So excited to see you again before you leave for the “The Wine School”! Will see you in July!! Can’t wait to see Simba too!

    Love you very much……xxoo Gma Carole


  3. Wow Krista,how wonderful..I want to go to Paris just to eat for sure.the food and displays are very impressive,and yes I did get hungry with your food tour how could I not. I’m so excited for your upcoming adventure sweetie,you truly amaze me Krista,by now you know Paris so well that’s awesome….enjoy my girl. And keep writing Julia


  4. Paris food on your Marais looked sooo good. I miss the bread most of all. Congratulations to your sister and her husband. The bridal party looked amazing!


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