July 6, 2015


A Greek Feast…

I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th weekend! I sure did…nothing better than time spent with family and friends, BBQ’s, margaritas, eating outside under tea lights with the night breezes and summer air. My mom hosted 4th of July on Saturday AND the night before I was invited to an incredible dinner party featuring Greek Delicacies! Evelyn, one of my great friends, is Greek and also an outstanding cook. I had to document this because it was one of the best nights I have had in awhile. The food was delicious, Evelyn is an amazing host and it was a typical 5-6 hour European meal. Complete with after-dinner Porte. So fun.


To start we had cheeses, olives, and her fabulous Spanakopita. Nothing like home-made spanakopita which she said is “very easy.” Ha, maybe for her!


Next, we had her incredible herb mint lamb rack. With Skordalia Sauce… which is a creamy garlic potato sauce. 


Oh my so delicious. Then for the main course we were served Moussaka (beef, potato, spiced eggplant bake with tomato and béchamel sauce) and Greek Salad.



Finally, apricot cobbler fresh from her tree and Porte.


Eight of us sat in her beautiful backyard talking for hours and telling stories. Evelyn is leaving to vacation in Greece in a few days! What a beautiful tribute meal 🙂 This was incredibly authentic and was a real treat for me to be invited. I love Greek food and don’t eat it enough!

In other news, I made Strawberry Lemon Fruit Bars that were incredible….Same recipe I used here (https://pastryinparis.wordpress.com/2015/04/06/new-beginnings/) for the blackberry orange bars back in April!


Pics of 4th with Family

photo 1 photo 2

Tonight, I am making my version of Sole Meuriere… I will post recipe soon!

Have a fabulous week! XO

3 thoughts on “A Greek Feast…

  1. Great pics and loved hearing about Evelyn’s delicious Greek meal! Thanks for sharing your dessert recipe too! Delicious!
    Aunt Jenny


  2. Krista I grilled petrole soul tonight with lemon and rice pilaf and sliced tomatoes and a very nice Chardonnay. Can u come join us at bandaras on Thursday evening please. It would make me so happy. Please come

    Sent from my iPhone



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