Summer Vacation

Bonjour and Good Morning,

I am back from a small sabbatical 😉 For the first time in several years I actually had a break during the summer where I did not have to think about work. No checking my email or calling bosses or managers below me to see “how things are going at the office.” I could just BE and enjoy the places, experiences, and the people I was with. I now feel so well rested and excited to tackle anything! I have a very exciting announcement coming in next post….stay tuned! 

This past month I went to Lake Tahoe (twice) and to Durango, Colorado…both beautiful majestic places where the mountains meet the water.

Lake Tahoe, California



Durango, Colorado



Lots of laughs and good time spent with my good friends!





I also feel the need to recommend some books, products that have been so enjoyable to me throughout this month!

Kevita Drinks– especially this one. Trying to find palatable ways to consume apple cider vinegar!


My next drink of choice ((or my first 😉 This light and bright wine… found for $8 in Whole Foods!


Okay, also really enjoying cooking from this cookbook…. I have drastically tried to cut the sugar in my diet and feel so great doing it. In America especially, it is so easy to consume hidden sugars that we don’t need.

I have already made chicken satay skewers with peanut coconut dipping sauce, avocado, bacon, lime and chile fritatta, and no-bake ginger and oat cookies…sound good??!


Lastly, this is a light up-lifting book that I have been reading in the morning to get my day started off on the right track…


Okay, and I need to mention THIS!


YA…So this would be prime rib topped with seared scallops and orange gastrique….Consumed at Eulos in Durango, Colorado. Heavenly!!

Have a lovely week everyone. Excited to be back blogging 🙂 Hope y’all are having a great summer!! XO

15 thoughts on “Summer Vacation

  1. Love today’s post Krista!!! Beautiful pictures and I’ll be sure to check out the books!
    aunt jenny


  2. So nice to receive your blogs again! The pictures are beautiful… Happy that you are having a relaxing summer – also great that you & Linda can hang out!!! With 10 tags – your Dad will be very busy.

    Loved spending time with you in July! Love you, Gma & Gpa


  3. Bonjour!Such lovely pictures. The seared steak looked amazing.


  4. Dear Krista , What beautiful pictures . I am so happy you have had this special time of joy , introspection and treasured reflection . So well deserved . Thank you for always inspiring and sharing . You are remarkable and so greatly admired . Much Love, Tierney


  5. Yasou from beautiful Rhodes Greece. Krista the only way to really see a place is by staying for a while and that’s exactly what we’re doing. Your pictures are lovely my sweet of your travels. And the food of course delightful. I read the book French women don’t get fat. I loved it. Thank you for sharing. Talk soon sweetie ❤️✈️🇫🇮

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Evelyn! I have been in awe of your pictures of Greece. So incredibly beautiful! Thank you – you are right… you need to stay awhile to truly experience a place. Enjoy your travels through Greece! so wonderful!


  6. Beautiful pictures and it was a great trip for sure! xxx


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