The Countdown Begins…


In exactly TWO weeks from today I will land in Paris! I cannot wait to get there and start blogging from my new home 🙂

I just want to take a minute to say a huge MERCI to all of you for the support I have received since my announcement. From comments on this blog, to Facebook to personal text messages and emails I truly feel extremely blessed and grateful! It is such a comfort to know people are out there cheering me on!

It is hard to believe this blog is coming up on it’s 1 year anniversary! At first, I just started writing it for friends and family and posted what inspired me. There was really no structure or reason other than it fueled my own creativity and passions. Now people are reading it from all over the world… in Europe to Australia and I feel I need to add a little structure. (That is the very cool thing about wordpress is it allows me and all bloggers to look into STATs and see where people are viewing it from) 

For the last eight years I have considered myself not only an avid home cook but also a professional Chef. Creating and executing recipes was my THING and it came very easy to me. I still LOVE to be in the kitchen and cook but lets face it…my little charming flat in Paris has a TINY kitchen and only two burners. SO, I will be creating recipes but not nearly as much as I have been the past year. I think over in Paris it will be a huge treat if I actually find time and lock myself in at home to cook.

BUT there are so many aspects of Paris and this next year that I cannot wait to sink into and get writing! I have changed the menu bar up at the top of this site to make this blog fairly easy to navigate…

Wine Adventures ~ I will post about my journey in Sommelier School at least once per week and it will be found under this caption (please hold me accountable to this). Not only will lectures be in Paris but it is rumored that I will travel to wine regions in France including Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne…and actually stay on the vineyard in a Chateau to learn how wine is made….YES! Dreaming already

Tastes of Paris~ I have always been fascinated by the food culture in Paris…and what exactly are these Chic and Slim french women eating?? The French Paradox so to speak. So I will be investigating that subject under this caption…whether I keep track of my own food diary or just to speak on the subject of french women and food…Anyone read “French Women Don’t Get Fat” by Mireille Guiliano? 

Restaurant Reviews~ Who wouldn’t want to be a restaurant critic…I wrote that this was my “dream job” in my journal 5 years ago. So I am going to take this year to be a pretend restaurant critic in Paris… 🙂 only I won’t be paid for my reviews they will just be written for all of YOU!

Okay, so there you have it a little bit of housekeeping for the blog… In other news…

This (below) is an outstanding coffee table book… The women that are featured are yes, French, however it really is just a beautiful unfolding of strong women that have made their own way and are living elegantly and doing what they LOVE for a living! Highly recommend. I devoured it and the pictures are stunning!

photo 2

My sweet sweet Aunt Jenny came over with a some DVD’s as a gift and this documentary was one of them! I really loved it but it also has me shaking in my boots 🙂  It is a little peek as to what I am getting into in Sommelier School! Even if you just love wine or are curious about what it takes to be a professional in the wine world- it is definitely an interesting documentary!

photo 1

19 thoughts on “The Countdown Begins…

  1. Krista….we are soooo excited for you!!!! I love your ideas for your future posts on your blog! Can’t wait to see them! The book you recommended looks fabulous!! Love you!
    aunt Jenny


  2. Hi! I am a new follower, finding you from a FB post in FKL/SCS. LOVE your blog. So excited for you. I read your posts from the start and could not believe we even share the same birthday (February 12 – though I am eons older) and both have roots in the LA area and Northern California! Can’t wait to follow your journey. You are an inspiration!


    • WOW Martinifan! That is awesome that we have the same birthday- don’t you love having a birthday in February?! Thank you so much for the kind words and I am very happy that you are reading! XOXO


  3. I just got that book and it is fabulous and inspirational! So, when this series was on television, I was mesmerized by what she could turn out in the tiniest of Paris kitchens. I think she also had two burners. She bakes in a toaster oven! But it’s so inspiring seeing it happen in such a tiny space. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hun_yj5u4S0


    • Stephanie! I love Rachel Khoo …I have her cookbook The Little Paris Kitchen. She is so inspiring! I love her. Thanks for sharing youtube video link… I can’t wait to watch them!


  4. Krista–We will be living through your adventures! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.



  5. Love! Love! Love what you are doing on the blog! Cannot wait to learn from you this year. So excited for you my friend! Can’t wait for out next adventure! xoxo


  6. SO excIting. Bill and I are really looking forward to the wine post hehe. Here’s to your great adventure in Paris!


  7. Bon Voyage! Is there good hunting in Paris? Your dad wanted to know.


  8. Hi krista. I just returned from Greece turkey and Italy. It was wonderful. I ate my way thru. The food was so amazing. Everyday I looked forward to this fabulous culinary experience. Europe is so different than USA. I love how a meal is a two hour feast always with wine and bread. We visited so many things everywhere we went. I’m so excited for your adventure and look forward to your blog. I will see you before you leave. I am now in Tahoe u Gil Sunday. Chow

    Sent from my iPhone



  9. So happy and excited for you Krista and for the rest of us who get to follow your blog! It’s going to be hard work but know that we are cheering you on every step of the way!


  10. Krista: How wonderful that this is all coming together for you. I look forward to reading your posts from Paris – and getting your food – and wine – tips! Bonne Chance.
    p.s.: I have read “Why French Woman Don’t Get Fat”. I would summarize it thus:
    1. They walk daily to get their groceries etc.
    2. They eat small portions of food
    Very simple.


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