Another Glorious Day in Paris

2015-09-01 13.26.00

Another glorious day in Paris…

After a restful 10 hours of sleep, I sat out on my balcony and enjoyed my “tartine” and french press coffee. Also, this Bonne Maman yogurt that I discovered here last October. Makes my heart sing 🙂

A few minutes into my le dejeuner I heard the lovely Madame Genevieve above me… (also enjoying her balcony)

“Bonjour Mademoiselle, Comment- allez vous? As-tu bien dormi?” 

I swear the french language is so beautiful it is like music to my ears. Just someone saying hello, how are you and how did you sleep sounds like love. We spoke for a bit from our balconies and then 5 minutes later she came down to my flat to go over maps and show me the best routes to my school. I took note that once she arrived in my flat, she had changed out of her silk robe, spritzed on perfume and had lipstick on. She was wearing the same lavender pants as yesterday but now with a black top and her hair pulled back. They say a french women will never leave her home without “putting herself together.”

After breakfast I set out for the day. I walked to my school and I am delighted to say that I ADORE my route. I only walk on 4 streets total and part of it is through a cobblestone neighborhood. Oh the joy! It took me 1 hour and 20 minutes. No problem. On my walk I stumbled upon an outdoor market. I quickly crossed the boulevard to saunter through.

“Essayez cette délicieuse fraise”  A man holding a strawberry reaches out to entice me to try. I do and say it is superb! I ask him If I can have a pint. I also buy some beautiful black grapes. By the end of this awkward exchange where he is continuing to speak french to me and I smile having no idea what he is saying….he asks me to a cafe once the market is fini (finished). He asked me to have coffee with him. So charming. I smile and pretend I don’t understand and say Bonne Journee et Au Revoir, Monsuier. (Have a good day and goodbye sir.) 🙂

2015-09-01 21.52.54

Okay, so a vivid memory I have was on my very first trip to Paris. I was 22 years old and had just graduated college. I remember strolling through a market and only buying wild strawberries and a small carton of yogurt ~ maybe 3 oz. at most. I sat on a bench in a park, and dipped my strawberries into the yogurt. That was when I fell in love with Paris. I couldn’t believe how the strawberries tasted like candy and how just fruit and yogurt could bring so much pleasure. I think it was also the charming market, beautiful park I was in, and slowing down to enjoy my scrumptious snack. SO, now every time I arrive in France I have to locate the small, tiny, wild strawberries.

After discovering my school’s whereabouts, I came home to refresh and then strolled over to the Luxembourg Gardens.

Oh my.

2015-09-01 19.14.03

2015-09-01 19.14.29

What I absolutely was intrigued by was how it was full of Parisians just relaxing. Resting. At 4 pm. Mothers were playing with their children. In fact, this little girl could not wait to float her sail boat in the pond.

2015-09-01 19.16.38

Couples were sitting in chairs talking. People were picnicking. Drinking wine. Listening to a band.

2015-09-01 19.25.25

2015-09-01 19.58.37

I sat on a bench. And journaled. And watched adorable children play. And took photos. And listened to this talented man sing french tunes under the trees.

2015-09-01 19.34.00

It was a truly lovely afternoon. I stopped at the market on my way home, and once again the boulangerie.

Dinner was at Cafe Delmas. This cafe is in a beautiful square ~ Place de la Contrescarpe. I dined here last June when I was visiting and was impressed, so I returned. The waiters are very, very nice and are patient with my french. The food is outstanding. The best part by far is the atmosphere. It is right in the action being in a center where 5 streets meet. It is very authentic and full of Parisians. Not so much tourists. All outside tables face the center of the square so it is prime for people watching. It was fabulous!

French onion soup, chicken paillard with arugula salad and romesco. House Bordeaux.

2015-09-01 23.36.13

2015-09-02 00.07.47

2015-09-01 23.32.40

Well that’s all for now. Today, I am venturing out to St. Germain Des Pres and a walk on the Seine River. Life awaits… Au Revoir!

8 thoughts on “Another Glorious Day in Paris

  1. What a wonderful day of exploration. I love the Luzembourg Gardens…thanks for taking me back there with you!


  2. Dear Julia. How I love your adventure,love seeing the pictures..Sometimes I feel like I’m actually there. the gardens are lovely,am so glad your walking so much.Love the coffee press and your bread and yogurt..That’s all I ate in Europe every day,loved it. Best of luck on your first day at school,can’t wait to hear of all the wines. I will be keeping track of all of them. And yes European women never go out not dressed up..Love your neighbor. So typical. Enjoy Julia 🍷❤️


  3. Love it! Fabulous!!!!
    Aunt Jenny


  4. Dreamy….


  5. What an absolutely beautiful day! We so need to bring this lifestyle here to North America! I look forward to you sharing all of you adventures with us 🙂


  6. Out standing, if only we could bring it to North America, that would be so great.


  7. Reading this post makes me pine for Paris. Beautiful!


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