The Sweet Life…

2015-09-02 17.02.49

I cannot tell you what an immense impression Paris made upon me. It is the most extraordinary place in the world!

~ Charles Dickens

2015-09-02 17.01.04

Don’t those clouds look fake? Well, they are not 🙂 I decided to switch it up and head out to explore a Patisserie this morning I had read about.

Warning ~ lots of pictures in this post- BUT you have all weekend to look at them 🙂 

Eric Kayser. This fourth-generation baker has 17 boutique bakeries in Paris. He has built a bread empire offering over 50 varieties. His famous line “Good bread does not lie.”

I picked up a baguette and a croissant. I am treating myself to a croissant once per week. Just had a little piece today.

2015-09-03 12.39.42

2015-09-03 12.42.16

2015-09-03 12.42.29

2015-09-03 13.07.38

Next time you are in Paris, just remember to look for “artisan” on any boulangerie. That means they make it in house and the quality will be much better.

Oh, and remember when I took a food tour of the Marais District back in June? So, I went in search of those divine chocolates again. I could spend hours in this store. It is so refined, and eye catching with extreme beauty. I purchased 10 pieces in the following flavors ~ Cardamom, Mint, Vanilla Madagascar, Tea, & Coffee.

Jaques Genin…. there will be no sign at all outside. In Paris, marketing for restaurants/bakeries/chocolatiers is not the same as in America. The french believe if it is good, people will find it. The french talk about food A LOT and are always recommending or on the quest for the very best quality. The food sells itself so to speak. There are awards and competitions for food, breads, chocolates. It gets the buzz around and people talking.

2015-09-02 17.46.54

2015-09-02 20.15.14


Lunch today was warm goat cheese salad with country ham and tomatoes. (Le Chèvre Chaud) at Le St. Germain Cafe. This is a beautiful cafe right where the Boulevard Raspail and Boulevard St. Germain meet. The pairing of boucheron goat cheese melted on toast, and a glass of Sancerre was fabulous~

2015-09-03 17.05.12

2015-09-03 17.08.07

My evenings these days usually involve a sunset walk through the Luxembourg Gardens. It is just so breathtaking and luckily very close to my flat!

2015-09-02 22.38.53

2015-09-02 22.38.04

2015-09-02 22.40.42

2015-09-02 22.46.52

Yes, that is the Eiffel Tower peaking through in the third picture. Some of the streets I walk in my neighborhood have this wonderful view of the masterpiece from all angles.

Someone emailed me asking if I am fluent in french, and also if I find living in Paris easy because I have been so many times. 

The answer:

Am I fluent in french? Absolutely NOT. In fact, quite the contrary. I have basic vocabulary memorized (hello, how are you, good bye, have a nice day, I don’t understand, do you speak english, and ordering in restaurants, also food vocabulary.) The rest I will need to learn. 

Is living in Paris easier because I have been so many times? First of all, I had only been to Paris three times before I moved here. AND it is not easy if you are a foreigner. I would never say that. In fact, future blog posts I will give tips on my experiences and how I am learning and growing with this culture to hopefully make it more seamless for anyone visiting. Or moving here as well 🙂   

Hope that helps!

Okay, I will post again early next week. Sommelier school starts on Monday! More adventure awaits… Today I am going to take a walk down the famous avenue Champs Elysees …and possibly pop into a museum. Saturday, I plan to have afternoon tea at the Palace Mosque. Sunday it’s the large open air market in my neighborhood, followed by a home made meal at home in my kitchen. I will post the recipe for whatever I make.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!


7 thoughts on “The Sweet Life…

  1. The pictures are beautiful! My favorite of course is the one of you. I miss you already but so happy for you.
    Love, Mom


  2. Love it all,your pictures are amazing,looks like you are in your element,my favorite picture us the one of you also Krista. What an amazing city you are in,enjoy,enjoy,I love the weather in the background. Eat,pray,love❤️🍷


  3. Love it!!! Fab!
    Aunt Jenny


  4. Good morning beautiful Krista ,

    What a joy to wake up to your posts and pictures . They made my day extra special . The Luxembourg Gardens look so picturesque and breathtsking . Thank you for taking us on your inspiring adventure . Best of luck at Sommelier school ! So proud of you !! XO, Tierney


  5. I am a buddy of your Grandma Carole who is sharing your blog with me. I have never been to Paris, but I feel like I am a tourist right now, enjoying every sight. Love all the photos – from your balcony, of your kitchen, in the park, and of the beautiful food. In my late twenties I went to England for two months alone and I so feel like I’m reliving that excitement. But, then, I could speak the language (sort of). Looking forward to more blogs. Carole


  6. Fabulous! Chèvre chaud….oo la la!


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