La Tour D’Argent

2015-09-17 15.05.14

This is the wine list at the highly acclaimed La Tour D’Argent. This restaurant is a french institution. It is 400 years old with 15,000 bottles of wine. A prime example of a classic, classic fine dining french restaurant. We arrived around 11 am right before lunch time. We were met by the head MaitreD as well as the top Sommelier ~ David Ridgeway. There is not just ONE sommelier…there is a pyramid scheme including 6 of them. Figures, as the wine cellar is the entire top floor. There are millions of euros in inventory of wine kept in this cellar as the average bottle of wine is 10,000 Euros! Of course you can get one much lower such as 100-500 E but also much higher. Anyways this blew my mind today. I had no idea how “serious” wine is in France until I toured this restaurant.

2015-09-17 14.31.35

The dining room was spectacular. I cannot wait to eat here one day. Lunch at the minimum is 200 E per person. Dinner….well you can imagine. I will dine here when I have become an expert in wine. I will treat myself to a meal, and remember fondly my first encounter with this fabulous restaurant.

2015-09-17 14.52.06 2015-09-17 14.52.18 2015-09-17 14.52.33

2015-09-17 15.07.45

I loved all of the details. Classic french. Gothic. Beautiful. Exquisite.

2015-09-17 14.52.50

2015-09-17 15.09.40 2015-09-17 14.53.14

We then got to go into the “cuisine” area and have a first look at all of the chefs in action. This was really cool. They were preparing for lunch service. I loved this part.

2015-09-17 15.18.05

2015-09-17 15.18.31 2015-09-17 15.20.21


Then, we got to go up to the top floor and into the cold cellar. It was VERY dark up there and there were thousands and thousands of bottles of wine. I tried my best to capture it with my camera.

2015-09-17 15.40.15

2015-09-17 15.38.55 2015-09-17 15.33.30

Here is me holding the wine list! Future Sommelier 🙂

2015-09-17 15.13.16

Then, for our french lunch hour Apulva, Stanley and I went to a fabulous restaurant in the 15th Arrondissment. This is by our school. It’s called Belisaire.

Lobster Stuffed Ravilolis

2015-09-17 16.44.30 2015-09-17 16.29.05

2015-09-17 16.44.232015-09-17 16.44.14

I had the grilled tuna and it was divine. With mashed potatoes, garnished with caper berries.

What a fabulous day! Tomorrow, I plan to visit the Palace of Versailles! Too much fun over here in France. In PARIS. Have a great weekend everyone!

9 thoughts on “La Tour D’Argent

  1. Merci! Merci! C’est tout simplement magnifique.


  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! What an amazing place with a world-class view!


  3. Love your update Krista! Can’t believe all that you are experiencing!! It’s incredible!
    Ain’t Jenny


  4. “Aunt”


  5. Such a cool experience. The inside of the restaurant is beautiful! And I love the picture of you holding the wine list. You honestly look so happy!


  6. Love it all krista. I hope someday I can go to France. I just adore Europe and all their beautiful architecture and of course the food. Everything looks fabulous. Enjoy Julia. Chow


  7. WOW!!!!! Amazing all access tour you’ve given us.


  8. So of course I’ve heard of this restaurant and its wines, but to see it? Amazing! What a fabulous experience. So so so much fun to peek in on it!


  9. Congratulations on the Sancerre answer! I am amazed, especially since I’ve never heard of it. Thank you for the omelet lesson – can’t wait to try it. However, I will wait until I find some Comte. Also, can’t wait to hear about the wines of Bordeaux; reds are my favorite. Your photos are lovely. I feel like I’ve had a ten-minute visit to Paris. Can’t wait to “visit” Versailles, as well. (One little addition. I sent your first blog to a friend who lived in apartments in Paris each summer for years. Your area is wonderful, but she says pickpockets in that area are very clever because of the number of tourists, so take care. I’m sure you do, but just wanted to pass that on…as any granny would.) Loving each enthusiastic blog…….Carole


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