Palace of Versailles

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I spent all of Saturday at the Palace of Versailles and it was truly magnificent. You feel the essence of royalty when you are walking around. I could just imagine myself in a tight corset with my dress trailing on the sanded walkway…

I started in the gardens (grounds) before heading into the Palace. There are acres and acres of land, perfectly maintained and manicured, full of flowers, trees, fountains, waterways, cobblestone and sand paths… It was an OH.MY.WORD experience. This picture directly above was in the courtyard “ballroom” with a hug dance floor in the middle…surrounded by waterfalls.

After exploring the grounds close to the Palace, I ventured off to “the village” which is all of the cottages that housed the staff, gardeners, chicken coop, etc.

This is my heaven. OH GOODNESS. I would rather live in these french cottages on the pond, than the Palace anyway. There were vegetable gardens everywhere in front of the cottages. Beyond charming.

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This (below) was Marie Antoinette’s “hunting lodge.” Inside, it was an absolute Mansion… but she wanted a smaller home out in the countryside away from the Palace- so this was built. They say she spent a lot of time out here on the land with her children.

2015-09-18 17.52.01

Then of course once inside the Palace, it was just absolutely stunning. There are really no words to explain the intricate details, the tapestry, the paintings, the grandness of it all. Truly worth a visit.

2015-09-18 17.37.48

2015-09-18 19.30.58

2015-09-18 19.29.45

The “Hall of Mirrors” above was my favorite room in the Palace. STUNNING.

2015-09-18 19.38.50

In between touring the gardens and the Palace… Lunch was consumed. There is a beautiful cafe right on the water where you can take boats out. I had Salad Nicoise and hot chocolate to finish it off. I would recommend if you are going to tour Versailles, to get there in the morning before the crowds. I took a train out of Paris at 9:30 am (it’s a quick 25 minute train ride) and had a lot of space to meander without many people around. It was really peaceful and made the experience that much better.

2015-09-18 15.19.40


The sunshine on my back was Delicious. Combined with Hot Chocolate on a crisp fall day. Yes PLEASE.


Really, really good Hot Chocolate.

After 8 hours spent at the Palace of Versailles (and walking 10 miles)…it was time to unwind. So, my friend Carson and I went to a fabulous restaurant for dinner. Les Perches Du Chai (this is in the beautiful Montmarte area… at the base of the wonderful Sacre Coeur Church.)

2015-09-19 00.49.53

Okay, this restaurant was phenomenal. I am very picky, even when eating in France I am a food snob…maybe because since I am in Paris, I feel everything ever served to me should be absolutely mouth-watering…I am telling you this restaurant was “happy mouth” with every bite.

This is a tiny restaurant ~ maybe enough room for 20 people including the bar seats. So intimate. There is one Chef and he also serves wine and washes dishes. I felt like I was in someones dining room. Very quaint. The bartender is hilarious and they work as a tag team. Really tiny… but superb!

We ordered a bottle of crisp Chablis to start us off while we looked over the menu.

2015-09-19 00.50.20

Reading the Menu 2

This menu is so fun because it is like Tapas… a bunch of small plates meant for sharing. We ordered…Burrata with Fresh Tomatoes…. Smoked Salmon with Creme Friache and Pickled Cucumber, French Fries with Olive Oil Aioli, and the most delicious pork dish~ tender to the bone with a miso glaze and sweet and savory mushrooms. YUM. The lighting was very low..creating a nice ambience… however the pictures are a slight bit affected by the darkness. This was a beautiful meal. We finished with peaches and cream. The peaches were literally in a basket in the front of the restaurant and the chef came out to grab a couple to make our dish. Literally, I am in someones dining room 🙂 Basil, peaches, and whipped cream. Pure pleasure in your mouth.

2015-09-19 00.58.25 2015-09-19 00.58.43 2015-09-19 01.06.38

2015-09-19 02.11.48

I grabbed a Taxi around midnight…. A very FULL fun-filled day! I don’t know what’s going on but each day keeps getting better in Paris. My heart is so full.

5 thoughts on “Palace of Versailles

  1. Merci I treasure all your pictures. I love it all,how beautiful it us and the food of course is amazing,you look adorable in your pictures Krista. The palace looks beautiful. The weather way better than ours here. 100 degrees. Not liking it. Enjoy,eat pray love. Chow


  2. Beautiful pictures!!! Absolutely stunning. I want to go so badly.



  3. Absolutely the most beautiful food I have ever seen.
    I agree. I would prefer a lovely cottage to live in rather than a palace. Anytime. Anywhere. So glad you could meander without hordes of people.


  4. Beautiful pictures Krista I am able to experience Paris through your passionate eyes and beautiful writing. I love it!


  5. Krista…love the pictures and descriptions!
    xoxo, Aunt Jenny


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