A Country Kind of Dinner Party…

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Last night was spent at the most charming country house. I was invited to attend a dinner party… At the house of Tom and Emile … Cedric and Laures’ friends. I loved this property…  there was a stone fire place for the stove where we roasted the meat for the evening. There were chickens and horses on the land, beautiful fruit trees, grapevines, and vegetable gardens . Oh and this charming Chateau. Literally the country.

We started with Aperitif hour at 7 pm and sat outside watching the sun set across the fields and vineyards. This “aperitif hour” went for three hours long. We sipped rum with brown sugar and lime (citron vert) and nibbled on smoked ham. Tom had smoked the ham leg himself.  Tom is a very unique mixture of hunter slash hair stylist. Totally manly man, but for a living, yes he styles and trims women’s hair. Jerome (the vineyard owner) from the other day also attended this party, and of course Cedric and Laure.


(Me and Laure enjoying our Aperitif)


(Chicken Coop)

(Forest meets the Vineyard ~ Country living) IMG_6164 IMG_6170


(Cedric and Tom)

At 10 pm, we finally moved inside, into the dining room. This is where the guys started to roast the beef on the open fire pit. (Roti De Boeuf). Tom started to tell the story regarding the ham we had eaten at “aperitif hour.” He said he had almost lost it as his two year son turned up the oven all the way for the last half hour of smoking it. Then, Jerome started to tell a story of his ham leg last weekend being devoured by his dog as he had left it unsupervised. The food talk in a french home never dies down 🙂

I looked around the room at different points of the evening and could not believe how comfortable I felt. Here I am at a home with a group of old friends being welcomed almost as a definite guest. It is surreal and I continue to pinch myself. I had always envisioned and imagined sitting at a table on a vineyard, with different languages being spoken,  sipping GREAT wine with intellecutals in Europe…. how this has manifested itself blows my mind.

At this point, Foie Gras and baguette were served and red wine decanted. Next, music was put on and this turned into a dance party. Just swaying to the beat of the music, being warmed by the fire pit, sipping red wine. Oh my. Good times. The beef was roasted over grape vines… and it smelled heavenly. The Roti De Boeuf was outstanding. So divine. Roasted with a nice crust, cooked to medium rare. This was served with potatoes.

At 11 pm… the cheese course was presented. Oops…we were out of red wine. Jerome looked at me and signaled for me to follow him…

We jumped in the car and were off to his vineyard, a short 10 minute drive up the road. We opened the cellar and he selected three bottles that he thought would pair perfectly with the cheese.


Back to Tom’s we went. I don’t even think they noticed we were gone 🙂 More wine anyone?! Sure


This then became a cheese and wine pairing. A lot of talk about good vintages and perfect complimentary cheeses. If you can believe it… I selected the cheeses earlier yesterday afternoon and brought them as my “gift” to the host (Tom and Emile). Cedric helped me… but I thought the cheese coarse was fabulous. Pyrannees Sheeps Milk, Comte, Brie.


(Emile (Tom’s Wife was taking the photo ~ not pictured)

Laure made an apple crumble with fresh chantilly for dessert.

Okay. Now this next aspect of the night warms my heart. I got tears in my eyes. One of the bottles Jerome selected from his cellar was actually a gift for me from all of them. The Pomerol 1985 was given to me… they all signed it. 1985 is the year I was born. Not only did they remember I was 30, but they so kindly thought to give me a memory of my time with them in Saint Emilion. Not to mention ~ what?! A 30 year old wine. Priceless. I was touched.


A post dedicated to my new friends in France. I will never, ever forget my time here. MERCI… Cedric, Laure, Jerome, Tom, and Emile. A true dream come true for me. I did not think it was possible for me to love France even more. My heart is so full. XO


The party came to a close around 2 am ….

5 thoughts on “A Country Kind of Dinner Party…

  1. You look totally at home!!! Scary and exciting at the same time.
    xoxo Mom


  2. I still think you look like a beautiful French girl, even without a scarf. I am so happy for you Krista. This is truly an experience of a lifetime…and you get to experience while you are still young.


  3. Just so delightful. Love the wine birthday present…


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