Back in Paris…


How delicious was this Tarte Citron?! Not only delicious but almost too beautiful to consume. I LOVE Paris….

Wow… I arrived back in Paris less than a week ago and it has been BUSY! To start… my first large exam at school. I think I did pretty well… we shall see. The topic was on the Bordeaux region and mainly Vinification (or the science behind wine making.) I have to say, staying on the vineyard in Saint Emilion really helped my brain with these questions. I am definitely a visual learner… so actually seeing how the process works does wonders for my knowledge.

Fete Des Vendages 2015

IMG_4131 IMG_4135

Upon arriving back in Paris, I attended the “Harvest Festival” held in the Montemarte district. Fete Des Vendages. This is really a celebration to the harvest season of grapes and making wine. Montemarte (Paris) does have it’s own vineyard so it is a large celebration of Montemarte, however a lot of wine vendors are there with wine from all regions. Oh…. and the FOOD! YUM. There is also live music, performers, and the best part… sitting on the steps of the Sacre Ceour enjoying the magnificent views of Paris.

IMG_4138 IMG_4139



Foie Gras + seared duck breast and Cepes (Mushroom) Sandwich 


Then, melted camembert and chèvre over sautéed salted potatoes…


I was with friends…definitely not inhaling this all to myself 🙂 We washed this down with none other than some Chateau Neuf-Du-Pape. Keeping it classy with the cheap plastic cups.


After all this fun, I mustered up the energy to attend an art gallery opening. So glad I did. It felt so glorious to get all dressed up and sip Champagne while viewing exquisite art. I loved this artist because I really had to try and figure out the meaning of his paintings. Perplexing. Twisted. Meant to have you guessing…What was he thinking?!



My friend and I ended the night at a fabulous restaurant. I highly recommend this place. We sat in cushy chairs under ceiling heaters and had wonderful food. La Place Restaurant … I had salmon with leek terrine, and cooked semolina. There was the most delicious pepper butter sauce spooned over the dish. 


Well, I am not done with the busyness… Tomorrow I am attending a large wine event held by the association of Paris Sommeliers…. with over 150 vendors at a poshe Hotel. Les Rencontres Vinicoles. Great networking for me…. and of course wine tasting 🙂

I happen to love what is “required” from me at school.

5 thoughts on “Back in Paris…

  1. So glad your computer is working again,I’ll be right there krista and I’ll go to the wine event with you haha. The architecture and food look amazing,enjoy sweetie as you are 🍷eat pray love


  2. Sounds amazing! love the photos!
    xoxo, aunt jenny


  3. What a superb experience and adventure you are on! Keep on enjoying it–and posting entries so we can all be there vicariously!


  4. So happy! How exciting!!!


  5. So happy to read being in St. Emilion did not dampen your love of Paris! 🙂


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