Oh Paris….

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I have to send a love note to Paris. The attacks that happened here on Friday evening are beyond disturbing.

Paris does not deserve this. My heart is with all who suffered. I am extremely lucky that I was away from the crossfire and locations where the killings took place.

….a fragrant cup of coffee and buttery croissant in the morning, beautiful women in short dresses smiling freely on the street, the smell of warm bread, a bottle of wine shared with friends, a dab of perfume, children playing in the Luxembourg Gardens….. the right not to worry about calories, to flirt and smoke and enjoy sex outside of marriage, to take vacations, to read any book you want, to go to school for free, to play, to laugh, to argue, to make fun of prelates and politicians alike, to leave worrying about the afterlife to the dead.
No COUNTRY does earth better than the French. A country devoted to joy everyday. The beauty of Paris never dies.
PARIS, we love you. We cry for you. You are mourning tonight, and we with you. We know you will laugh again, and sing again, and make love, and heal, because loving life is your essence. The forces of darkness will ebb. They will lose. They always do.

~I did not write this. But this speaks to me right now in a huge way. 

(This embodies Paris for me…. my life. here. Thank you to whomever wrote this….. I LOVE this city and am thinking positive that proper measures will be taken… I have never experienced Paris so quiet…. wow.


Thank you GOD for my safety.

I am traveling to Champagne this coming week…. I will post about the adventure next… very excited and now will try and stay in the positive.


7 thoughts on “Oh Paris….

  1. Oh Krista what a beautiful post. I am glad you are safe and will keep you and all of Paris in my prayers. The love and strength of all the world holding your city close to our hearts will overcome any evil. Live with your love and belief . I look forward to your next adventure. xxoo seanne


  2. I am so happy to hear from you. We are all so sad here.. Your quotation is perfect. Tears are falling as I write this so forgive errirs. Enjoy Champagne in all its incarnations.


  3. Now that my tears have dried, I do have to disagree with the “sex outside of marriage” bit, but then again, it is Paris…..


  4. Krista, I’m so thankful you are safe. Answered prayers. We are thinking of you and praying for Paris and France.
    xoxox, aunt jenny


  5. Dearest Krista,

    We are all embracing you ever so tightly with heartfel love and prayer. May you feel God’s infinite love, grace and protection at this time and always . Your courage and passion is heartwarming and so admired . Thank God you are safe . Healing blessings to you and all of Paris .

    Much much love and Paris strong !
    Tierney , John, Ryan and Ross


  6. I’m so relieved to read you Krista. I have been thinking about you.

    Landing in Toulouse on thursday.



  7. My dear Krista,we are all so saddened by this awful attack in Europe. My favorite place. Our prayers are with you and the whole nation. I know you are a strong girl and will get thru this awful attack. Have faith sweetheart that they will be caught and brought to justice. Your Paris is wonderful,just enjoy every day with your lovely friends,because this was your calling for sure. Eat Pray Love Julia💐🍁🍁🍂🍃🌻


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