New Years Eve ~ Paris 2015



I am so excited to be spending New Years in Paris. I have kicked it off with an absolutely fabulous day this new years eve… Getting dressed to the nines and having lunch with a dear friend at Les Climats, michelin star restaurant in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Followed by purchasing my first piece of luxury… a Hermes Wallet.

Entering the Hermes store after a fabulous multi-course lunch is such a beautiful end of the year for me. This restaurant welcomed Stanley and me onto the beautiful terrace, where we ended up enjoying an extravagant four-course meal.






(By the way the weather has never been more beautiful in Paris!)

We were welcomed by a doorman and a Maitre’D whom took our coats. Then, led to a beautiful table overlooking the garden. Although, indoors was very poshe as well, with red velvet chairs and mirrors everywhere.

The sommelier helped us to select a delicious white burgundy from the Saint-Aubin appellation. (Premier Cru of course!)


Next, the amuse bouche was served.


The pre-fix menu was what we selected. This was 42 Euros and included a starter, main course, cheese plate or dessert, and petit fours/coffee to end the meal. Very, very reasonable ~ especially for the quality and beauty of the dishes… and the fact that the chef and sommelier were present at the table.

To start.. I had the oysters… Served in a fresh cucumber and green apple gelee, & toast with pig’s trotter. 



Almost too beautiful to eat…. ALMOST.

Stanley ordered:

Foie Gras with jerusalem artichokes, parsnip veloute and topped with semi-candied spiced kumquats.



For the main course we both opted for the white fish plate. This would accompany our wine perfectly. Did not disappoint 🙂

Wild white fish cooked in butter with seaweed, ginger and chive, spinach velvet and clam.


This was so fresh and clean. The perfect balance of salt and acid. Never has a spinach puree tasted so exquisite.

Next, the cheese course. And finally the scrumptious petit fours.



After this outstanding meal… we headed out to shop the chic streets of the Saint Germain Des Pres.

I have never gone into Hermes and purchased anything. I really wanted to make a statement today, and so I made a purchase that will hopefully last me a lifetime. What this represents is the woman I am becoming…. living here in Paris. I am so thrilled for the 2016 year.

It was a memorable day. A memorable purchase that I will cherish forever.


This new years eve, I sat at lunch with Stanley and reflected about a list of accomplishments and aspects of my life that I want to celebrate. Do y’all do this? It is amazing the life I have lived this year and to reflect on it is so much fun. Most of the things I am celebrating I have journaled about. Thoughts really do turn into reality … it is really crazy to think about.

Here is my list for 2015….I am raising a Champagne glass to the following:

MOVING to my dream city… Paris! Wow. 

Amazing experiences and best meals in the following regions of France…in just this year! Provence, Bordeaux, Champagne, Paris.

Becoming Savvy in the world of wine.

Selling my first home… and making a sweet profit 🙂

Flying first class.

Venturing to the countryside of France….by myself.

Immense travel

International network of friends and business contacts. (Including ~ Hong Kong, India, France, England)

New Friendships….that will last forever. No one can ever relate to this experience unless they have lived it…so the bond will tie us for years to come. 

I cannot wait to make my list for what I will be celebrating next year. My heart is full of gratitude today. Thanks for following the blog this year… my fabulous readers. Much much more lined up for 2016 🙂



Thank you Paris… for fulfilling my dreams.



8 thoughts on “New Years Eve ~ Paris 2015

  1. Wow, what a day! Looks like you celebrated in style. Happy New Year!!
    Love, Mom & Dad


  2. So glad you decided to go to Paris in lieu of taking the job offer at Sacramento. Happy New Year Krista!


  3. Just fabulous sweetie. You look so happy and beautiful. I’m so happy for you. Happy New Years to you. I hope 2016 brings you health love and joyous times


  4. Best of everything in 2916. Could it be better than 202!?


  5. Great gift to yourself! Such a metaphor!!


  6. Happy New Year Krista! What a fabulous 2015 you have experienced! It will be fun to see what 2016 holds for you ! It’s been fun following your adventures! Looking forward to more great experiences and reading about them . Love your pictures and descriptions! Thanks for sharing on your blog! Love you !
    xoxo aunt Jenny


  7. Meilleurs Voeux mon amie!! ❤️


  8. Happy New Year! I love how you chose a wallet. It’s something you use everyday but also so extremely luxurious from Hermes. Love it!


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