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It is about that time…. to start thinking about sitting on the French Riviera with a glass of Rose in hand…


I have just discovered an amazing company that I want to make known. A company of discovery in my favorite topic these days….WINE! VinAzur is located in Nice, France…. Saint Laurent Du Var to be exact.

The founder of this company Damien Dubus started VinAzur in 2012 because he was discovering all of these wonderful wines in Provence that were produced in small quantities and the average consumer was not privy to them as they were not sold in supermarkets, etc. So he created a web site and an on-site location in Nice, France where these wonderful wines could also be available to everyone ~ he unlocked the secret so-to-speak!



VinAzur works directly with with small scale producers in the heart of the Provence region. These wines are “un-discovered” but very well made and of high quality.

I really connect with what this company is about because I cannot tell you how many wines I have tasted this year that are not produced and sold on a wider scale. In essence, wine gurus/experts…or in my case students are tasting these wines…but no one else will have the opportunity. Damien and the VinAzur team have a passion to not only discover these wines but also share the love and make these wines available…

In my opinion VinAzur is a personal expert shopper for the consumer. Out in the vineyards, tasting the vintages, watching the harvest and determining the wine “great” then making this wine available to all of us!


Oh, and did I mention that these wines are sold through VinAzur at the “producer” price? In other words, this means they are sold without the mark-up of selling the bottle retail. You can go on the website and order wines just as if you were visiting the winemaker at the vineyard…without having to actually travel all the way to Provence….although who would not want the excuse to travel to Provence?!

*On-line order and delivery all throughout Europe. VinAzur is still looking for a US importer.*

What kinds of wine does VinAzur offer?

White, Red and Rose… even sparkling wines and the latest trend of organic wines. Whatever your tastebuds usually appreciate …there will be a discovery wine for you….if not several.

VinAzur also is very involved with wine education and offers in-store tastings, as well as partnerships with local restaurants developing paired food and wine dinners…


From vine to the glass…the world of Provence wines will have no secret for you…

The best part ~ I have a promotion code created for all of you fabulous readers… simply enter KRISTA and you will receive a 10% discount. 

If nothing else… head on over and check out the company web site.



12 thoughts on “VinAzur

  1. Of course I will order!!


  2. HI Krista. Nice looks so beautiful. Yes on my bucket list. Can’t wait for wine lessons from you haha. Will check out the website. Miss you sweetie🍷🌷


  3. Hi Krista, So nice hearing from you! This wine seems lovely all the way around! We enjoyed a dinner get-together with Kimmy/Alan this last Friday at El Cholo! Fun evening – she is still ecstatic about how much your Mom and she enjoyed the whole visit – and HOW nice you had every detail of their trip planned so perfectly! We miss you very much and enjoy your blogs so very much! Love you and send warm hugs, Gpa Tom & Gma Carole xxoo


  4. Thanks you so much for this very nice article 😉🇫🇷


  5. **contemplates becoming a wine importer in the US** 🙂

    Great post1


  6. Krista, nice photos and fun website. Fun to see what you are doing!
    miss and love you, aunt jenny xoxo


  7. VinAzur has an outstanding portfolio…what a treat! Cheers!


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