May 11, 2016


Alsace, France




Yes… Hansel and Gretyl town as picturesque as it is, does exist in the present day.

The charm in Alsace was definitely more than I could have anticipated. Plush greenery, cobblestone pathways, hillside vineyards, and quaint wine tasting rooms…. all surrounding these little alsacian villages nestled in the center. With ALL the architecture resembling graham-cracker gingerbread houses with gum drops… that pretty much sums up the atmosphere.

Only a three hour train ride from Paris…. but yet feels like I am transferred into a different century….




Alsace being very close to the German border… there is an energy that definitely feels unique, especially being that we are still in France. The accent spoken is different. In fact, much different than the Parisian accent. The food is greatly influenced by Germany and well, these pictures show you Dorothy is not in Kansas anymore….or Krista is not in Paris 🙂

Besides my mind and soul being enamored with this charm…we went to some outstanding top Grand Cru Vineyards of Alsace… which was the main point for our getaway out of Paris.

*These photos were taken in the towns of Riquewihr and Kaysersberg. *

Vineyards visited…. Trimbach, Marcel Deiss, Josmeyer, Weinbach. We also visited the distillery  Mette. 




Yep- Tasted all of these!



The enologist (winemaker) at Josmeyer is a chic, beautiful and elegant french woman… she treats work as play and draws in chalk on her barrels… every barrel in the cellar had these amazing art scenes on them. I thought to myself…. this woman knows how to enjoy life. Being in a dark cellar many days… she finds ways to bring herself joy!

After a long day of tasting we went for some of the towns specialties… Flammkuchen… or essentially flatbread with all kinds of toppings… the original has bacon, onions, and tons of stinky cheese! Yum.

We started this pizza party close to 10 pm at a rather chic restaurant (Flamme & Co.) in the center of the village… it went late into the night… pizzas just kept coming out with different toppings on wooden cheeseboards… paired with Grand Cru Rieslings. Good Times!



To end the trip the next day we went to the michelin star restaurant Relais Des Menetriers

Here are some photos of that meal… truly wonderful.


Pan seared Foie Gras…sitting a-top coddled eggs… with toast.


Fresh beyond fresh. Wild strawberry tart with lemon cream…and home-made strawberry thyme sorbet.

Oh Alsace… my FINALE trip for the school year as far as vineyards go. I have had some incredible experiences venturing into the vineyards and wine making regions of France. I tear up just thinking about the fact that I have traveled all over this country tasting some of the greatest wines ever produced. I have been welcomed with open arms and treated as a top professional at some of the most emblematic Chateaus and Domaines in France making wine not only today but ever in history!!!! I am a very very lucky girl….. 

Alsace was a perfect icing on the cake.

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading about the regions and the listings/locations/restaurants/towns…and possibly have ideas of your own if you ever want to venture to these historic winemaking plots!


Up next…. Back to Paris… with an elaborate Food and Wine pairing at Dessance restaurant  with Chef Phillipe Baranes…this is our biggest pairing of the year stretching 8 courses!!! Not only wines but liquors, coffee, and tea are in the pairing. I will report in on this elaborate dinner.





7 thoughts on “Alsace, France

  1. Great photos Krista! It’s so fun to get a visual of some of your wonderful experiences! Thank you for sharing!


  2. Your photographs are exquisite.


  3. I’d never really thought much about this area until I started reading about the Christmas Markets…you just reinforced why it’s on my list. Thanks.


  4. I loved the description of the woman winemaker drawing on the wine barrels. How cool is that. The architecture is so charming – kind of reminds me of Tudor England. Thank you for taking time to share your fabulous experiences. I feel as if I’ve been along on a great ride.


  5. Awesome Kris’
    so happy for u….
    Love you and hope to see you soon.
    U.M. xoxoxo


  6. Love this region. I really like Alsatian Pinot Blanc. It’s not easy to find in PA, but very good friendly, especially with slightly sour or spicy. Hearing your experiences is such fun. Not yet a year ago you were tasting in Gigondas and the report was one of the wines was “sleeping.” You’ve learned so much since then!!!


  7. WOW!!! Such a beautiful trip for you!!! Love your pictures & descriptions!!! Lovely quaint village!!! We miss you and look forward to seeing you again in the] near future!!! More love with warm hugs, Gpa Tom & Gma


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