June 7, 2016


Decisions and Diplomas


Well, I did it!

I received my diploma in Wine Management and Consulting/ French Level Sommelier. Last week we had an intense two days of testing. Some of the top sommeliers of Paris came to our school and put us on the spot. If anyone has seen the documentary SOMM, it was identical to that testing process. We were individually called into rooms and the door was shut behind us. We were tested on blind tasting, selling ability, properly presenting wine at a restaurant table, consulting work, written journalist tasting analysis, public speaking describing several wines in comparison, food and wine pairings and more! There was also a 100-question written test on all of the french regions I have studied throughout this year. I was so elated to have finished and received the e-mail saying I had passed. It is rather bittersweet because while I feel great accomplishment and relief, I am going to miss every moment of this year. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience and I will cherish the memories forever. The glorious countryside tours of France, studying in Paris, the friendships I have made, the professionals I have worked alongside, staying on a vineyard in Bordeaux, the exquisite wines I have tasted, the beautiful meals that lasted for hours over incredible conversation… I will miss it all. I have never loved wine, or France more.


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What’s next?

This is a question that I have thought long and hard about, especially in the last two months. I put my resume out there to see what would happen. I did receive some job offers in the bay area of California and I will most likely be consulting with someone in Napa. However, I listened to my gut and realized California will always be there. My heart is in Paris. I have a complete life here. I feel strongly my adventure and journey in Paris is not quite finished. I declined an offer and decided to follow my bliss, trust my heart, and stay in Paris for now.

The truth is, studying wine in the food and wine capital of the world – Paris- trains you to leave and go get amazing positions out there. People are enamored with the fact that I have trained in Paris. Truly I am set up for competition and a unique edge. I am grateful for that and one day will capitalize on this simple fact. I absolutely see myself working in wine as it is now an immense passion and I feel so incredibly educated.



So with that, I decided to extend my VISA. Now that I have established a full-fledged life here, cell phone, utilities in my name, residency, healthcare, etc. the french government makes it easy on me to stay. I have many ideas brewing and one thing I know for sure is… I plan to write! I am going to spend the next few months sitting in the same cafes Ernest Hemingway sipped his espresso in a century ago, and pour my brain onto the sheets of a tethered journal. I keep this blog simple, light and fun and what is not mentioned are the details of my personal life, the trials and tribulations of relationships lost and formed since arriving in Paris, dating french men ~ ooh la la, the stiff competition I endured in Sommelier School, what it was really like to work in a fine dining restaurant in Paris, or live on a vineyard in Bordeaux…so much has happened here it amazes me. So many characters, so many different personalities, so many experiences…I am attached to so much here in France. I experienced tears, loneliness, and anxiety to the extreme opposite of euphoria, pure joy and laughter on the other side… I want it written in a memoir…I don’t want to forget.



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As my friend Samantha said this week over cafe cremes…”Krista I envy you and Paris. You have a deep connection to this city and I can see you are at your best self here. I want to find a city that lights me up like that. I want to feel alive- you are lucky.” That is just it. I am lucky…. lucky to have a love affair with Paris!



2015-09-02 22.40.42

It’s obvious no one would want to part with delectable croissants and pain au raisins, crusty  baguettes, wedges of creamy camembert, world renown wine, and basking in the sun on the river admiring the astounding architecture that symbolizes Paris…


2015-08-31 17.46.02

But on a more personal note ~

I cannot part from my 6th floor flat with floor to ceiling windows staring at the Notre Dame Cathedral, my favorite boulangerie below me where they know my name, the Bistro where I read novels on the river and practice my french with the waiters, my daily walks along the Seine River that culminate with the Eiffel Tower lighting up in 1,000 sparkles to the beat of my music, the open-air market at Place Maubert where the vendors greet me with, “Bonjour Mademoiselle” and the meat, seafood, cheese, fruit and vegetables are so fresh…

2015-09-17 14.52.18


Up next, my travels will take me to the beautiful french island of Corsica in the middle of the Mediterranean. And I leave you with this quote that greatly influenced my decision…

And I have the firm belief in this now, not only in terms of my own experience but in knowing about the experience of others, that when you follow your bliss, doors will open where you would not have thought there were going to be doors and where there wouldn’t be a door for anybody else. If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on the kind of track, which has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to live is the one you are living.  -Joseph Campbell

Thank you everyone for all of your support and following along on my journey this past year…

2015-09-02 17.02.49

15 thoughts on “Decisions and Diplomas

  1. Congratulations on every front! Isn’t it great when you realize you truly are living the dream?!


  2. Congratulations Krista! I can’t wait to read more! It’s an exciting time for you. I hope we can come to Paris and see you in your element, although the words you express and the photos you share do an amazing job in capturing your love affair!


  3. Krista, congratulations on graduating!! That is wonderful! I’m so excited to follow more of your adventures in Paris!
    Aunt Jenny
    P.S. we do miss and love you!!!!


  4. The tears we have from reading this are truly tears of Joy. We are so happy for you! Congratulations on your accomplishment but most of all for following your heart.
    We love you,
    Mom and Dad xo


  5. Félicitations ❤️ C’est magnifique!

    Krista, i’ll be in the Azur Coast end of June, beginning of July. Let me know if you have time ….



  6. Krista,
    So very happy for you!!! Thrilled you are following your passion … What an incredible journey!!! Lots of love,


  7. Congratulations Krista! That is quite an accomplishment. I think that it is wonderful that you have decided to stay in Paris for awhile longer. I look forward to reading more about your life there. All the best/bonne chance,


  8. Congratulations! It has truly been a privilege reading about your life in Paris. I look forward to the continued journey and the memoir that is to come.


  9. Krista congratulations ! I can’t wait to read the upcoming blog of your life in Paris post graduation!


  10. Congrats Krista. You have so much to look forward to. I am very excited for your future sweetie. You are now ready to take on the world. Great accomplishment. Yahoo 🍷🍾🌷🍽


  11. Congratulations, Krista. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed following you, following your bliss. Even though I only know you through your blog, I’m proud of you and I look forward to reading about your new adventures.


  12. Is this the end of your PinP blog? I would still like to hear from you!


  13. Congratulations! Please keep in touch!


    • Thank you to everyone for all of your comments!! I am reading them all and cannot believe the thoughtful words. So lovely. And Lee- no this is not the end of the blog. I will continue to post about life in Paris as well as travels and updates. 🙂


  14. So happy for you! Waiting for that dinner party…


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