May 18, 2017


I bought a Flat in Paris!

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I bought a Flat in Paris! 

Bonjour Everyone!!! Here is a rather long post and up-date…

Since I last posted I have been living life happily in Paris 🙂 I have traveled, wrote a memoir!, kept myself busy with part-time jobs, purchased MY apartment and just wrapped filming my very own episode for a real estate show that will air nationwide! My episode will air on the HGTV network across the US as well as various travel networks in 60 countries! You will also be able to find it on YouTube and i-tunes. I will release air dates when I know them… just wrapped filming and the footage is off to the producers and editors…

The Flat I purchased is a DREAM come true. It has one of the most stunning views of the Notre Dame Cathedral and is steps from the Seine River. It is located on the left bank of the river in the 5th arrondissement also known as the Latin Quarter. My little pied-a-terre is nestled in a 19th century building on the 6th floor and has all of the quintessential parisian charm I could only have hoped for!

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Filming the TV show was a once in a life-time experience that I will truly never forget. I was “on set” for 10-12 hours per day the entire duration of filming, and had cameras catching my every move as well as a microphone stuck to my chest and cords wrapped around my back disguised by my clothing. My “film set” happened to be all of my favorite places in Paris 🙂  To say this felt surreal is a serious understatement.



It was not easy to purchase foreign property, in fact I endured many sleepless nights… and that is why I instilled the help of someone who knew exactly how to do it! I hired the popular Expat Real Estate Agent Ms. Adrian Leeds. She assisted me in the process so that I was able to sign a 50 page contract in French with little hesitation… and now I own my very own little piece of Paris.


(Picture Above) Adrian Leeds showing me a Paris Flat on film. Also pictured, one of my best friends Stanley Wong, (whom I met in wine school) who accompanies me during my episode on the house hunt and apartment search!

As far as purchasing foreign property, and specifically property in France, you need an agent, a buyer and seller agreement, and a Notaire (or basically Real Estate Lawyer). Notaire’s are necessary for all officialness here in France, and contracts have to be done through them. The process alone just for the paperwork in France is typically three months minimum for a real estate sale. Finally signing the sale contract, after months of thinking about this decision, felt scary as well as completely exhilarating. I had always wanted to own property in France, but in PARIS! Oh my. And with my location being so central to boot… When I signed on the dotted line I was speechless. I simply could not believe this was a reality for me, and had no words.

How did I finance it?

The apartment I purchased ain’t cheap folks…

I literally took a giant risk and put my ENTIRE savings account into this property. I then convinced my father to loan me the rest. He is the best dad a girl could have and in the entire world and agreed and sent his money to a foreign country so that I could have my dream!

Next, I was cast on this very popular real estate show through HGTV Network to tell my story. My story in Paris started as a student… I even got to shoot a scene at my sommelier school- Le Cordon Bleu Paris tasting wine with my professor! To think I originally moved to Paris two years ago for my wine school is hard to believe … so much has happened here it blows my mind.

 Film Scenes Included– Strolling the charming Paris streets, Private Boat on the Seine for a glass of Sancerre, Luxembourg Garden Picnic with Friends, Buying Wine in a Wine shop (I actually shop at!), buying cheese and fresh flowers at an outdoor market (that I actually shop at!), snacking on Nutella-filled street crepes, touring apartments and Paris neighborhoods, and the best of all…. Flying over Paris in a Hot Air Balloon!! This was a once in a life-time experience! (Pictures below…while being filmed!)


IMG_1303FullSizeRender (26)

My incredible Film Crew out of NYC! (Pictured Below) They made my film days so much fun and most importantly made me feel so incredibly comfortable on camera! I will miss them so much…

IMG_1305 (1)

I will definitely post air dates… and now I can absolutely live by the Humphrey Bogart Quote in Casablanca “We’ll Always Have Paris.” 

OFFICIAL Paris Resident!!! 


IMG_1307 (1)

Below- Sunrise view from my window 🙂 Notre Dame and Parisian Roof tops… 




16 thoughts on “I bought a Flat in Paris!

  1. How very exciting! I was just wondering the other day about how you were making out after Sommelier school. Looks like you are living your dream! Well done!


  2. Just shared it on all my pages! A


  3. That view!!!!!!!! Congratulations! I look forward to seeing the episode.


  4. Felicitations! What a great story. You have done so much since your trip to Vaison-la-Romaine a few years ago. And you even look like a “Parisienne.”


  5. Congratulations! So happy to hear your dream has come true! Continued success and happiness in Paris to you!


  6. What a dream come true! I do know the feeling, after finding our own dream place in Aix! Can’t wait to see more of your flat on the HHI episode!


  7. Krista,
    Can’t wait for the show to air (one of my favorite shows!) and to see all of the places you love! What an amazing adventure! Can’t wait to see you and hear all about it!! (hopefully soon!)….and share some wine and a French meal sometime!!!!
    Aunt Jenny


    • Thank you for your beautiful “Blog”!! So excited to see your “flat” – so YOU!! Can’t wait to see your film – your life is
      definitely full of excitement! Love you very much and send lots of warm hugs too!! Gma Carole


  8. And I thought you were living the dream when I was following your adventures in sommelier school…little did I know the dream had just begun. Congratulations!


  9. Congrats krista. I’m so excited to hear of your journey. Your travels and food of course. How wonderful sweetheart. Much love from usa


  10. Congratulations Krista!!! So exciting and very happy for you! Can’t wait to see the show! Hope to see you and hear about your adventures when you come visit your sis! ❤


  11. Krista: I so admire how you have pursued – and realized some of your dreams! I am going to be in Paris briefly soon so I will email you to see if we could meet for coffee one day.
    All the best,


  12. How exciting!! I was wondering the other day if you stayed in France. I always enjoyed your blog posts so much. Congrats on owning property in Paris! Looking forward to the HGTV episode!


  13. Congratulations! I know buying a flat in Paris is so difficulty (just trying to rent is hard – even for the French. Took me forever to finally find my little studio). It looks like a cute little place!


  14. Toutes nos félicitations! You have made such an incredible journey since our week in Vaison, but we are not surprised. Bill and Lee


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