May 9, 2015


Strawberry Chocolate Pie and Lake Tahoe

Bonjour Mon Amies, I have been totally embracing and loving life. I just went up to a cabin in Lake Tahoe the past couple of days….just me and my dog. I watched the sunset over the mountains, made hot chocolate….. and a decadent chocolate strawberry tart. It was nice to just relax and hide away reading […]

April 6, 2015


New Beginnings…

Bonjour, I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend. I celebrated Easter with family and had a lovely time. This weekend was symbolic in that while I was celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ I was also celebrating some new beginnings and resurrections of my own. I have been experiencing a lot of change lately. I […]


Lemon Apricot Biscotti

Oh dear! It has come to my attention that I have not posted anything in almost three weeks. Trust me I have been in a whirlwind of busyness but I really have missed this little blog. What have I been up to? Well, working mostly non-stop. I was at a food show last weekend in […]


Oh February how I love thee

Happy Sunday! It is February 1st and I adore this month. February is my birthday month…and it happens to be a month representing LOVE. To me it represents celebration, roses, sweets, pink, romance…all things I am utterly fond of. This post is dedicated to some of my favorites lately. To start….my leisurely Sundays have included […]


Tarte Aux Pommes

    Yesterday I had the most wonderful time in the kitchen. I made home-made apple pie. First, there is something about pie that reminds me of the comforts of home. The smells, the old fashioned sense in memory and imagining people harvesting the apples from the farms and making something sweet and delectable with […]


Home is where the heart is…

Bonjour! I have returned from Minneapolis…the tasting went well! I always get a little nervous presenting my treats to food buyers because along with them tasting it, I also have to try and sell it to them! I have to discuss trends, and what I believe are going to be the new hot products for […]


Clementine’s Carrot Cake

    Bonjour mon amies! I hope everyones weekend was as fantastic as mine. I traveled this weekend and spent time with people I love…nothing better 🙂 I value love and creating memories…doesn’t everyone?! I was sitting, staring out at the sky on a plane traveling back home to Los Angeles, and the woman sitting next to […]