The French Omelet

I love omelets. They are so simple to make and very nutritious. Since I have been in Paris, I find myself wanting to make them more frequently as an easy option for my evening meal. The french do this all the time. I even had Genevieve attest to it. She said french women will often […]


Channeling my inner Julia

Sunday morning started at Le Marche. Three days a weeks there are outdoor markets in every arrondissement. I went to the market at Place Monge ~ a 5 minute walk from my flat with my wicker basket in tow. At first, I just strolled slowly taking it all in. I waited for inspiration (which did not […]


The Perfect Lens

Do you like this photo? How ’bout this one? Folks, it was time. I owe it to you. I purchased a professional camera! And I now have an OBSESSION 🙂 My new Canon Rebel with a super duper micro lens is my new hero. Yes, it was quite an investment but so incredibly worth it […]


White Fish in Papillote with Curried Vegetables

  Bonjour! Oh my, how I have missed blogging! I have been traveling an EXTENSIVE amount for work and this weekend was the first time I was home and settled. It feels so good to resume my leisurely breakfasts on my terrace, nature walks and getting my beauty sleep! Anyways I hope everyone has been […]


French Food Inspiration

Well, I am back from Seattle and definitely still dreaming of the town nestled between pine trees, with shops and restaurants stacked on hilly streets and the salty sea surrounding the gorgeous charming victorian homes…. Okay on to some food…   By the way, since I have come back from Paris I have been inspired to […]


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone 🙂 Hopefully everyone had a celebratory evening last night…I definitely had a glass of champagne in hand. I have to say I am so excited about 2015 and what this year will bring…I already have some adventures planned and am beyond thrilled anticipating them. I got up this morning and although […]