Hey there! I am so charmed by the city of Seattle. I arrived yesterday, checked into my hotel and immediately hit the city streets to explore. I stepped out onto the hilly avenue and immediately was taken in by the salt sea air and fried fish… The smells were exactly what I have been dreaming […]


Butternut Squash, Books & North Carolina

  Good Morning everyone! I am back from my travels in North Carolina…a successful work trip it was. Phew! I arrived in the NC state and we headed straight to dinner at none other than a fabulous french restaurant in the Proximity Hotel. I had sweet potato bisque, roasted beet and chèvre salad and scallops […]


Baco Mercat ~ Restaurant

  Good Morning All! I had the pleasure of dining at a fabulous restaurant last night in the heart of downtown Los Angeles..It was called Baco Mercat and was a spanish inspired tapas theme. The food was outstanding. “Baco” refers to a signature flatbread sandwich that was developed by chef Josef Centeno (chef of Baco […]


Pleasures of Paris

                 “If we are ever to enjoy life, now is the time, not tomorrow or next year…Today should always be our most wonderful day.” ~ Thomas Dreier In France there is a phrase “Joie De Vivre” meaning the joy of living or the enjoyment of life. While in […]


Dinner at Les Georges

If any of you have seen the movie “100 Foot Journey” there is a restaurant in Paris featured in that movie which is where the ladies and I celebrated last night! It was truly an amazing experience! We had the BEST time! The restaurant is like nothing you have ever seen…. Long glass windows overlooking […]

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Bon Vivant ~ Cafe & Market

The definition of “Bon Vivant” is described as a person who enjoys good food and wine. Check ~ that would be me! I LOVE discovering a new bakery or cafe especially a french inspired one! I met my good friend Monica and her sister Megan here (Bon Vivant) this afternoon for a little coffee and […]