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Sake Tasting…

Today I attended a Sake Conference and sat in on a professional food and sake pairing! Amazing. Being that I am going to be in the world of wine … I really need to also know what other alcohols pair with food. I should be an expert if I have a request for a “non […]


1st Food & Wine Pairing…

Last night at 7 pm, we attended our first “chef demonstration” with wine pairings. Basically, a chef creates a menu and not only cooks it but talks us through the preparation and recipes… and then there were wines that were selected to taste with these dishes. This was incredible. The professionals at my school selected […]


Au Revoir Saint Emilion

It is a bittersweet day, and time for me to say good-bye to Saint Emilion, France. Wow. What an incredible two weeks I have spent in the wine country. It was so much more than I imagined, and I am truly so blessed to have had this experience. If you ever get the chance, I […]


A Country Kind of Dinner Party…

Last night was spent at the most charming country house. I was invited to attend a dinner party… At the house of Tom and Emile … Cedric and Laures’ friends. I loved this property…  there was a stone fire place for the stove where we roasted the meat for the evening. There were chickens and […]


A night out… Saint Emilion

I am really serious when I say that I am absolutely enthralled with this experience I am undertaking… in Saint Emilion…. at the Gaillard Vineyard. I could easily make it sound nice and behind the scenes it could not really be as magical…. but that is just simply not the case. This place has absolutely […]


Biscarrosse, France

This is the view from the top of the largest sand dune in Europe ~ La Dune Du Pyla. But first, let’s go back. After visiting Jerome’s vineyard, and having those fabulous oysters we all packed up to go to Cedric’s (enologist for Katrine’s vineyard) home. I met his wife Laure, and their two adorable […]


From Grape Juice to Wine…

Every morning, I make coffee and watch the sunrise over the vineyard.  There is a slight mist and fog, the sky is pink and the land is silent. This is seriously theraputic. For the first few days, it scared me to have this much quiet… but I have grown to love it and it feels […]