Wine Making ~ Day 1

Bonjour Mon Amies! I am going to talk about wine, but first…. I have pretty much decided that I am in love with Saint Emilion, France. I mean seriously. One of the most charming places I have ever seen. To have a village with buildings that look like this, and then to have beautiful vineyards […]


Chateau Gaillard ~ Saint Emilion, France

Well, I made it to Bordeaux! I arrived at the train station after a four hour train ride from Paris, and the lovely Madame Katrine was waiting for me. Katrine owns the operation Chateau Gaillard, which she currently has 4 vineyards operating in Saint Emilion Grand Cru. What is Grand Cru? There is a classification system […]


La Tour D’Argent

This is the wine list at the highly acclaimed La Tour D’Argent. This restaurant is a french institution. It is 400 years old with 15,000 bottles of wine. A prime example of a classic, classic fine dining french restaurant. We arrived around 11 am right before lunch time. We were met by the head MaitreD […]


Tasting Expert… the beginning

Wow! I cannot believe the amount of information I have taken in regarding wine. I am learning a vast amount of knowledge… and it’s only been 5 days. I have decided I LOVE learning about wine. It combines all of my favorite things- history, travel, europe, gastronomy, a little science thrown in (actually a lot) […]


It all Started with a Grape…

Wine is an integral component of gastronomy. Wine has a place at the table. It is the heart of the meal. First day of Sommelier School in Paris. That was the opening sentence from my British translating professor, Benjamin Preston. Can I just say that I feel totally aligned being here. I feel this class was […]